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Tue 2009/08/11 04:07 JST
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Hi there,

finally made it to upload some pictures of my room as well. This one is nothing special I would say, but it is my home office and I really like it how it looks ^^ . Hope you also like it!

Sometimes I also got some clients here (I´am a project manager in real life) and I always get positive feedback. So I could not say that my clients run away shocked ;) ! Quite the opposite happens. So if you got a hobby like this, keep going! Anybody else has also a hobby ^^ .

Inspired by Danny, I also started a Blog about the figure hobby for people here in germany and so I found many new and friendly buddies who also enjoy this hobby. If you want to know more about me, just pay me a vist at my blog! The "About" Pages are added also in English ;) .

[li] Name: Jürgen Brütting (Feldi)[/li]
[li] Age: 23[/li]
[li] Sex: Male[/li]
[li] Nationality: German[/li]

[li] How many years you have been an otaku: 12 years.[/li]
[li] Outline of your collection: Around 150 figures, 100 DVDs, 600 Manga, 10 Games, 10 Pillows and other small stuff... Not everything is deployed in my home office ^^ . [/li]
[li] How much your collection cost: Hard to say... I really don´t know. But the figures should be around ¥520000.[/li]
[li] Your fave item: Lottery Version Code Geass C.C. by Banpresto[/li]
[li] Your website address: German Figure Hunters[/li]
[li] My figure collection: Feldi´s Collection[/li]


My home office...


Workplace Part 1


Workplace Part 2


My "little" stuff to read. More in my storeroom...


Closer look at my package collection *g*


After a hard day full of work, I really prefer to chill out with those girls ^^


Yeah, believe it or not, I nailed Mio ^^ !


This is my showcase in my home office, more in the other rooms...


Closer look at the shelves...


...and again a closer look.


Another showcase in this room.


My shedule for the next three weeks *g*


And finally me ^^ ! Yeah, I made it to get the holy grail! And now you also know how I get the idea for the name of my blog *g*


Nothing to do with my room, but Danny also inspired me to create my site mascot - The otaku girl Emi Kusakabe. Thx Danny ^^ !

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