Tommy's sandy workspace while deployed in Iraq ^^

Sat 2010/05/29 08:49 JST
Orlando Florida, USA · Student/ Photographer/ Engineer ·

Name: Tommy Eastwoo
Age: 26
Country of residence: USA/ middle east
Main machine spec and OS: iMac intel Core 2 Duo
Job title/ Currently studying: U.S. Army Soldier/ web design, Japanese
Any messages: Currently I'm deployed to Iraq for the 2nd time. I've always been interested in Japan and DC's site is a inspiration that keeps me motivated here. While here, I've been teaching myself Japanese, HTML and photoshop. This deployment has made me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life and that is web design and just be happy in Japan, doing what I love to do, like art, photography. One day, I will be like Danny and live in Japan ^^


My workspace, technically its my study space & relax space. My workspace is combating terrorists.


HP netbook comes in real handy when I'm always on the move, note the broken pair of Beats headphones behind it D:


If u can't tell, I still have the original plastic covering on my iMac and keyboard, not that I'm asian like that but it's to prevent all the dust that gets in here ^^ also have a fan for the iMac and ps3 as to cool off the heat that comes in through the tent walls.


I go through a lot of dust wipes, dusters and all kinds of wipes as I take care of my electronics & stuff everyday. An old Army saying, "take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you."


Luckily there's a library on base, some are my personal books, in which I'm studying web design and Japanese on my down time here.


Not only is it my first Mac but it's my first desktop ever and bought it online while here in Iraq of all places :D


My iPad came in the other day after submitting some of the pics above :D


iPad is amazing, lots of cool apps. Comes in a lot more handy than the netbook when I'm on the move.


and I hope I get in the Magazine.


The soldier from the unit I relieved hooked me up with his chair, Desk, power-strip, converter, and TV among some of the things I got for free. I bought the PS3 here at the PX and ordered the iMac to practice my photoshop skillz ^^


I never wanted the iPad, but then a month ago my iTouch took a crap on me. I mailed it to Apple with the online workorder since it was still under warranty, they would'nt fix it coz they found a small trace of liquid in the headphone jack. o.O
so I bought the iPad and i must say it's much much more than just a big iTouch.

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Orlando Florida, USA · Student/ Photographer/ Engineer ·