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Mon 2010/05/31 23:05 JST
Female. NEET. Loves anime, games, cosplay, figures, food and cute things.
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I haven't joined OTACOOL 1 and 2 for some reasons. But, since OTACOOL 3 has a smaller scope... well, I thought, why not? Haha. So here's my humble workspace.

Name: Jovee a.k.a. Ninjovee
Age: 21
Country of residence: Philippines
Main machine spec and OS: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400; NVIDIA GeForce GT220; 4.00 GB RAM; Windows 7 Home Premium
Job title: IT Graduate; Assistant Manager in my sister's hardware store
Any messages: My workspace here isn't exactly my 'office space' as my actual work does not involve computers. But, I do have some work that involves the use of this workspace. It also doubles as my recreation space.


My workspace. The one on the far left is our 8-year old PC. It's still alive, but rarely used. I only use it now when I need to use the scanner, which is why there's a lot of stuff on the table instead of the keyboard and mouse ^^; The one with the monitor open is my main PC, and the shelf on the far-right is for my printer, and is also my storage shelf and figure photography space.


Storage shelf and printing station -- which turns into my figure photography studio.
Most of my figures are stored here... I'm pretty sure you're familiar with some of them :P


Old PC.... and the table is filled with lots of stuff now. Books, I've bought from the bookstore recently, huge amount of CDs and DVDs, and some of my unopened loot on the floor ~_~;


My main PC ♥

Wonderful, wonderful Kagamikusagi wallpaper is made by the awesome Radiant Dreamer


My CPU, and the subwoofer of my speaker. I love looking up at Saber Lily once in a while :3 She's really beautiful.


My army of nendo daughters! They still have sisters in their boxes!


Close up shot. Aren't they adorable~!

Puchi nendo Rin is a prize I got from one of Alafista's giveaways :3


Space optimization! I used the subwoofer as a mini-table. The Hello Kitty box behind Mikuru contains note paper. The Hello Kitty Jewelry box there is more or less 12 years old ^^;


Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ and my beloved figma Kagamiku :3
You gotta love the twin tails for providing stability~!


The contents of my sort of vintage jewelry box. Stationery~!


First-level right side drawer. It's a dump of random things that I need to grab like chargers, headsets, my wireless mouse (because it ran out of batteries) and what not. It's 'ordered chaos' /excuse.

The colorful bag is a vanity kit ^^;


Second-level right side drawer is boring... it's full of files, files and moar files.


First level left side drawer. Filled with random important things that I need to lock up.
Also filled with reserved stuff. Reserved printer ink, notepads, notebooks, etc. :D


And.... last but not the least. Because it's obligatory. /fails at looking cute.

Thank you for taking a tour of my workspace!

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Female. NEET. Loves anime, games, cosplay, figures, food and cute things.
in your storage closet · NEET ·