Singer Yuna's space(revised and working)

Thu 2010/06/10 00:40 JST
Hi there! Just another figure and nendolover who also likes photoshop, videogames, reading and photography.

Name: Singer Yuna
Age: --
Country of residence: Spain
Main machine spec and OS: Dell inspiron 15 (W. Vista, SDRAM DDR2 2048 MB, Proc. Intel® Pentium T2330 doble núcleo, hard drive SATA 160 GB and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100)
Job title/ Currently studying: Attorney
Web (www, Twitter, Facebook etc) & twitter ID: singer_yuna
Any messages: Hi there worldwide otakus!! Here is my workspace, full of law books (but the essential ones, the rest are in boxes) and figures! The photos were difficult to do thanks to the big lighting source window, but there you have with all of my love, the final outcome!

Well, before saying byebye, these are the photos which 0 relevance: bottom-kittens (8th), the plug (17th), the special cleaning (16th), the focused in center, focused in left and focused in right (3rd, 4th&5th respectively) and the Kurimu Sakurano (6th), and a big thank you to Danny Choo and Kotobukiya staff for keeping Otacool coming ^.^


1-. Upps! I forgot the Silent Hill 4 mousepad!!


2-. Here is Eileen Galvin mousepad - but wait...someone stealed my music device! (joking, it was playing music in the poang sofa when I realized it should be back on the desk).


3-. My two dear elves


4-. A left angle with my HTC Hero with the Aria theme


5-. Right side of my desk, with the most used law books (the others are storaged in plain boxes and the rest is on the internet) and my zen garden for relaxing


6-. Petit Kurimu Sakurano the cheerleader playing in my zen garden.


7-. Nendo in a hat, Blanquito III (the laptop), Blanquito IX (the music device), my jar and my mobile again.


8-. Magnets up!! Laptop up!! Say hello kittens!!


9-. Music corner featuring poang sofa and philips cordless earphones


10-. Rin bacteria, with my HTC hero (it's weather cast always place me in other cities than mine)


11-. a nice close up


12-. Here is a global view ^^


13-. It's me...wait a minute...oh noes! laptop closed! Must re-do tomorrow!


14-. Sooolveeed ♪ ~~~


15-. My podium (Gwendolyn, Flonne and Dante), my nendo-headquarters at the left, my ps3 at the right and at the front my beloved Shanas and the 360, ps2 and Blanquito III again with his friend tokidoki memory UBS (Aigis wall in the laptop)


16-. Special cleaning -featuring soap solution from Amiami shop and dust-killer


17-. Extra Electrical source from the plug from the back of the desk.

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Hi there! Just another figure and nendolover who also likes photoshop, videogames, reading and photography.