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Thu 2010/09/16 11:43 JST
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I have to get rid of some stuff so here's stuff for sale. As always, prices are negotiable so feel free to email me at to haggle or whatnot. I do not have pictures for all of the items here, the rest are in my flickr. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New items:
Kotobukiya Queen's gate Dizzy - $100 SOLD!!
Limited Box Edition Gunm Gally - $90 SOLD!!
Megahouse POP Tashigi - $35 N/A!!
Bandai Otomedama Kallen - $50 SOLD!!
Newline Revy Bikini - $65 SOLD!!
Shueisha MxO Aika Hiiragi - $15 SOLD!!
Ex-Ride Street Style Yellow - $8 SOLD!!
Ex-Ride Street Style Blue - $8 SOLD!!

Enterbrain Kinoshita Takako - $20 SOLD!!
Atelier Sai Ex-Dolls $5 each (animated grimlock is also for sale if you want) SOLD!!
Revoltech Bandaged Rei - $5 SOLD!!
Kaiyodo Meryl Stryfe Action figure - $10 SOLD!!
Kotobukiya One Coin Grande Disgaea Full set - $25 SOLD!!
Sega Work at Night Izumi Sawatari - $10 SOLD!!
Revoltech SFO Guile - $5 SOLD!!
Bandai SD Gundam Zapper Zaku and Gun Eagle - $8 SOLD!!
Toranoana Witchblade Shiroi Tsuzuki - $30 SOLD!!
CM's Corporation Pretty Cure Cure Black - $20 (Base is included) SOLD!!
Ame Comi Powergirl - $40 SOLD!!
Medicom Lupin 3rd Ginko Fujinami - $60 SOLD!!
Wave Dues ExMachina Duenan Knute - $45 SOLD!!
Canon PowerShot SD960 IS - $90 SOLD!!
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Farm grown, Home cooked.
Dinner Plate · Side Dish