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Sun 2010/09/26 12:06 JST
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Wanted to find some sort of case to display my (yet unboxed) figmas and revos while trying to keep them as free of dust as possible, so I decided to give a try and got a pair of di:stage: Extension Set 02: Clear Case Set some days ago.

As I couldn't find some reviews prior to my purchase (I really like to check on other comrades experiences), I decide to share some pics and comments. Hope you enjoy... ^^


Amiami is always very careful while packaging your stuff, and this time was not the exception. They fill every remaining inch of their boxes with paper to protect the contents. http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=FIG-IPN-0800&template=default/product/e_display.html


The box's front. Not much to say apart from the expected quality printing.


Box's rear-side . As you can see, it is rather flat so you can get a bunch packed in one single shipping. ^^


Inside, you'll find the di:stage case packed in some cardboard and bubble wrap along with some instructions.


Here's the contents. In the end, I got surprised at the amount of plastic used as packing materials(not really depicted here). I'm sort of the pollution-worried type. O_O'


So, when you buy this di:stage case, you basically get the di:stage: Basic Set Clear ver. (composed of the pieces in this pic), along with 5 clear panels to construct the walls and top of the case. The price difference is only 153 JPY, so I'd say is a pretty decent deal, but as the case box is probably bigger, you may end up paying a little extra for shipping. http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=FIG-IPN-0620&template=default/product/e_display.html


The extra panels. These are very slim; maybe a little more than what I expected.


Also, the panels are not rigid but quite flexible. In the official shots they appear almost acrylic-like to me, but in reality these are just slim plastic. Quality is not an issue nevertheless.


The di:stage clear base. Actually much prettier than in the official pics. I'm glad this one is included instead of the black version.


The panels work by simply using the base's side clips to secure them around the base.


Only at this point I realized the panels come wrapped with plastic film on both sides to prevent scratches. Feel completely stupid as I was disgusted by the opaque finishing before I remembered how my phone's screen-guards always are protected in the very same way. u.u;


Now, that's much better. Feeling less stupid at this point, cause' the film is extremely well cut and attached to the panels. You'll even have some trouble peeling it!


Time to play with the included "arm and claw". Wanted to test if it could clasp around something really slim, and Hitomi's waist was just the the size for the job.


Arm fixed to the base. You can twist and bend the claw in any way you wish. It also has a pretty good 'holding' capability. Not sure if this is the same one that comes as support for BRS's Black Rock Canon.


The top piece is attached by some cuts in the corners that lock on the panels upper tips.


Close up on one of the top corners. As in the official shots, you can note how the case is not 100% closed.


In the lower corners however, the panels fit better. Mmm... what else could I put inside this apart from figmas and revos...?


Hachune in action! Here you can check out the whole case ensemble. The di:stage: Extension Set 02: Clear Case Set is a pretty good looking and inexpensive case for your action figs. I believe it can make a decent dust shield and is sturdy enough to move it around with the 'prisoner' inside. Don't expect however to be able to keep BRS or KOSMOS in some full-throttle pose inside one of these, as the space is rather limited. However, you can experiment by putting two or more together to get a bigger case. ^^


Mandatory fanservice!

Levan Polka anyone...?


Close up to show you how transparent the plastic really is. I'll probably get some more of these cases in the near future. As said before, the price is pretty good for what you get, if you exclude shipping costs.

So, which one of my girls should I put first inside one of these?

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Mexico City · Ecchi Salaryman · http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Jesiah