Kitsune Wednesdays - Round 5

Thu 2010/10/21 03:15 JST
A Canadian in Ottawa proudly into Anime with two overly playful Fox girls - Varakitsu & Renge.
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Hello, and welcome to the 5th round of Kitsune Wednesdays!

I'll keep it simple this time around since I've typed up a wall of text on the previous four articles. Here are this week's top 10 Kitsune images with a bonus! Enjoy!

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I hope you don't mind that I borrowed three Zakuro (Half fox-spirit and half human) images from Pixiv ^^.


It's always nice for a Kitsune to attract followers through normal musical means. We listen to various kinds of music each day so it's only fitting she tries to win your heart over with her skills, and not abilities :P.

Musical kitsune


Time for your daily prayer to satisfy the Kitsune spirits to prevent them from raiding your wallets in force. I mean, if you don't pay attention to them then they'll purposely leech money away like taxes ^^.

Kitsune ritual


Prepare to be bewitched!

"Hey! Am I a flower? A butterfly? An ogre? Misery in the world. Is violence the answer? Dash of rogue turns to blade in hand. Do praise my efforts. Hey! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!~"

You are very Welcome! - Pixiv


"Honestly, there are all kinds of humans. Worthless ones......Wonderful ones like Hanadate.....and wusses like you....*smirks*"

One for the wusses :p - Pixiv


Zakuro! Half-fox and half human! Such a great show....just don't feed her candles ^^.

Source page (scroll down) - Blog


Ah! That look on her face, prepare yourself! Get your wallet's out because you're going to have to pay the bill in the end ^^. Destruction fees, destruction fees!

mischievous Tenko


Damn, I want a second season with these two! Green-light season 2! :P.

Wagaya Sisters


As mischievous as always, Tenko Kuugen! We got ourselves a Kitsune guardian and a kitsune in-training :p. Poor Kou, water priestess.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama


Cute! Just found an insanely beautiful rice fox! You know...the ones that the Japanese keep praying to for great harvest?

Rice Kitsune


Ran from Touhou who has 9 golden tails. The one in the background, not the neko in the forground! :P. Either way, it would make for a nice encounter at night haha!

Ran and her Neko partner also appear here:

Since I know nothing about Ran I guess I shall feature her on the next Wednesday! Off to gather images and to see how she's like! Until then, have fun! Don't get negatively possessed by a Kitsune :p


Bonus Image:


And our bonus image! Ah, it appears one got tangled up in a bell :(. Anybody care to help him/her out?



Thank you for viewing! I hope you enjoyed this week's Kitsune Wednesdays ^^.

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A Canadian in Ottawa proudly into Anime with two overly playful Fox girls - Varakitsu & Renge.
Ottawa, Canada · A blogger, Figure review, and Photographer ·