Suenaga Sisters Drawing!

Sun 2010/10/24 10:44 JST
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I like the design of the characters and always wanted to see a picture where they're behaving like close sisters (not the kind of close sisters you usually see on the webpage).
©Mirai and Haruka Suenaga are Danny Choo's characters and original concept artwork by Azami Yuko.

// Edit: 24102010 // Working in a color version :3
// Edit: 25102010 // Color version up! x]
// Edit: 30102010 //
Danny Awesome Choo has just realesed an entry explaning about an idea related to Mirai's Fan Art!!! I'm so totaly in!! (°//~//°) I'm pretty sure that a lot of users will post amazing Mirai's fan art, but I'm confident about my drawings, well, at least of this one, and also I'm a huge fan of Culture Japan (even though I've only seen episode 0), but, but, Danny Choo is such an inspiration for me (my purpose in life and the passion of doing what I love), SO, HERE I GO!:

Name: Esther Gracida.
Country of residence: Mexico.
How many hours you took to complete your work: 7-8 hours.
What software you used: Traditional drawing, ink and color with SAI (it's the first time I used it).

I'll move the order of the drawings and put the one for Culture Japan first. Maybe, it'll be good to put the date of uploading on each one... hmm...


Bigger version for "Your Mirai Fanart on Culture Japan".

Date: 30102010


Mirai and Haruka Suenaga sketch by me! Hope you like it. Constructive critics are always welcome! :)

Bigger version on deviantArt

[small]Date: 24102010[small]


Haruka's socks are white in the original artwork, but I made them gray to give them profundity versus the background. And I have this idea that Mirai is the kind of girl who can turn bright red, haha, even her ears.

Bigger version on deviantArt

Date: 25102010

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Art is my passion. Music my soul.
Mexico · Architect ·