Atiyaah's Thought #1 - Hug Your Independent Cafe Owner Today!

Wed 2010/12/29 01:06 JST
I got 99 problems and two of them are Dollfies, and one is a Smartdoll >:D
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Pic: The Author contemplates a freshly brewed Irish coffee big enough to get 3-4 DDdys alert/drunk at The Coffee Nations (yes, there's a independent cafe by that name. google it xD)

Coffee - it sustains us, keeps us ticking through that last brief hour between torture and rest at least twice a day for many people. And yet, in many countries, the new fad is coffee chains - massive conglomerates that have a massively efficient model for grabbing coffee beans, making it into <mocking finger waggles> coffee </mocking finger waggles>, and shovelling it down our throats all bitter and scalding hot in (pitch)black, (suspiciously white) latte, (unexpressive) espresso in cups labelled in overly professional letters and logos without the charm of something like simple pure styrofoam, paper, or the Anthora-ic cheer "We Are Happy To Serve You!"

It's gotten much harder to see a independent cafe - one opened simply because the owners thought the neighbourhood would improve with a good local brew - last more than a few months or years in many places these days - and yet, people still try to make it happen.

So tell me, when was the last time you had coffee or tea and simple food in a cafe that wasn't run by remote control from some building a world away, but right in the backroom, right behind the stores of coffee beans? Did you enjoy it? Enjoy it more than some random Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Cafe Ti Amo etc generic cuppa, even? Who is your local champion for flavor to savor?

Discuss, please. (also note: this is not an excuse to post full advertisements, only personal anecdotes and discussions - actual spam will be reported on sight) (also: if you cite a local chain that's actually gone multinational, it does not count.)

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I got 99 problems and two of them are Dollfies, and one is a Smartdoll >:D
Singapore · Illustrator