FS: A lot of Figmas

Fri 2011/01/28 08:27 JST

Sorry for the blurry pictures if you are interested and the pictures aren't good enough I can retake specific ones.

Last week I was thinking about selling some of my figures to clear out some space for new ones, but I wasn't really too sure about it since I liked my figures, but today my car totally died on my and fixing it would cost even more than it would to by a new (used) car. So that pretty much sealed the deal. I'm selling most of my Figmas to raise some money towards another car.

All of the figures have been opened and displayed in a Detolf shelf, cool environment, away from sunlight, and in a smoke free home. The figures are as good as new unless stated otherwise.

I am willing to ship ANYWHERE the prices listed include shipping for those within the US if you live outside the US and are interested it will be a little more. Thanks for taking a look.

Figma Mio (Left shoulder joint is loose. The figure came to me like that and I'm sure you can place the arm back into it's socket by drilling a bigger hole) - $30
Nendoroid Mio (Minor Scratches on figure) - SOLD
Mugi - $30
Yui - SOLD
Azusa - SOLD
Ritsu - $45
Konata (2nd owner) - $60
Tsukasa (2nd owner) - $40
Kagami (2nd onwer) - $40
Kanu (Box is damaged) - $35

If you are interested please send an e-mail to luon7951@gmail.com