Challenge: Tag that 2010 Anime

Wed 2011/02/23 04:41 JST
Tokyo (but still a Malaysian!) · Game Designer ·

I have watched a total of 34 TV anime series in 2010 and I've put them all in this picture!
Some are obvious, some are obscure.
Can you tag 'em all?

※ One character actually shares two series :3

Here's the original pic: (This is near my home in Shinjuku)
Here's the 2009 version I posted a year ago:
I kinda do this every year before I present my favourite OP, ED and series in my blog,
Yes I'm nuts :P


Tag the above to label the title...


...and tag the above for your ultimate favourite series of 2010!

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Tokyo (but still a Malaysian!) · Game Designer ·