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That title needs more capitals.
So I'm selling a couple of figures, but this is my first time actually selling my stuff. I need more room since I'll be getting a new house mate soon.
As much as I LOVE my figures... I have to let them go ToT
Everything is sold as is! I'll label the ones that are a bit mangled.
These guys will be shipped through priority shipping ($10-12) if they're small like a nendoroid petite, then I have to check with the post office before I can give you a shipping quote. Sorry! ^^;

I prefer US buyers but I'll see what I can do for international people who want the goods.

Oh ya, I have a bunch of small trading figures that I dont want anymore, so if you buy something or so, maybe a little gintama guy or a megami poster will weasel their way into your package.
I'm open to negotiate prices here and there. Debating how things go, I'll sell my other stuff too.
If you're intereseted please email me at...


Nendoroid UsaMimi - $50
Nendoroid Ouka-chan WF edition - $60 *HOLD*
Nendoroid Puchi Fate Stay Night - $10 ea. (I have everyone but the secret)

Saber - blade side
Saber - blade front
Rin Tousaka - hand on hip
Rin Tousaka - Hand out in front
Sakura - Arms out
Sakura - cooking Waifu
Rider - Standing SOLD
Rider - Attacking SOLD
Illya - With coat
Illya - without coat

figma Mio $55
figma Ritsu $45
Sega Game Prize Kuroshitsuji Sebastian -*SOLD*
Max Factory Himawari - $25 *SOLD*


Sega Game Prize Mio Sakamoto - *SOLD*
Movic/Kotobukiya Mio Akiyama Original Costume*SOLD*
Nendoroid Puchi Bakemonogatari set - $110 or lower. HAGGLE ME.
Nendoroid Tachikoma Yellow - $20
R-style Gurren Lagann $10/ea
-Space Yoko
-2 Nia
Megahouse Keroro Gunsou Hinata *SOLD!*
Revoltech Gurren Lagann Normal - $10 *SOLD!*
figma Nanoha 1st. Movie version -$85
-Favorite figma, so I'm not even sure if I want to let her go, but this is her price right now.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Kafuka + Chiri)Pair-Dot $110
-I've NEVER seen these two on sale. So pricing is a bit much, and it is one of my favorites as well


Pink Company Sakuya and Hong Meilin - $10 *HOLD*
-This one just came to me defective ><;; Sakuya's peg broke off in her foot when I was carefully setting her up, and Meilin's foot hole isn't big enough to even fit ON the stand... if $10 is still to pricey please email me.
Lucky Star boxes - SOLD
figma Rider $50 <DAMAGED>


When I opened up my Rider figma, her hair piece just fell off! I was quite peeved. Not only that but the figma stand broke off too! uhhhhg. And she's so hard to get too. Luckily the hair piece is easy to fix, and if you have a D-stage, you dont have to worry about a stand. If her price of $50 is still too high, please do tell me! I'll be able to go a little lower, but she was quite expensive XoX

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Current animation student in the Art Institute of California - San Fancisco.
Hawaii / San Francisco · Silly String! · http://d-fox.deviantart.com