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Sat 2011/03/05 06:14 JST
A photographer from West Sussex.
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Please feel free to comment if I've missed anything important.
This is also being used as a feedback response to the person who sold me the fake in the first place :)

I've always wondered how noticeable the differences between fakes and legitimately made figures are, so when I came across a fake Azusa Nakano nendoroid figure I thought I would take a look for myself.


So here is the box of the nendoroid made by Good Smile.





And here is the box of the knock off.





As you can see straight away you can notice some very slight differences between the two boxes. The colour of the fake box seems a little darker, also the font and the images on the box have a low quality scanned look. Also the main thing is the lack of sticker stating the Licence holder of the series (in K-ON's case TBS).


Here are the photos of the original figure itself and all its accessories.



And here is the fake and all its accessories.


Well the first thing I noticed was that joints were very loose. As soon as I took it out of the box the head and the right leg came off, her hair wouldn't stay up and the head kept leaning back.


(Fake on left legit on right)
Now for the faces. Here is her “nyan” face. As you can see the fake face looks a lot shinier where as the original looks more matte. Another thing is the joint colour. The originals joint is the same colour as the face where as the fakes is slightly orange.


Her shocked face is a little better but the most noticeable imperfection for me was the white around the eyes of the fake. It seems like the eyes were poorly cut out then stuck on.


And her face “default” face. Just like the other two faces it's shiny, the colours are just a little bit off and her eyes are scratched.


Moving onto the accessories. I couldn't see many differences between the fake cat and the real one. Here you can see the fake cat has a tint of blue on the right side of it's face and there are some slight differences when it comes to paint job but that's about it.


Now the biggest difference here is that the fake guitar came broken. But apart from that the colouring is just a little bit odd.


The biggest problem with the fake stand was that it couldn't actually hold the nendoroid up. It would just keep slipping out from under itself. To make the nendoroid stand in place I had to remove it's head and one leg (the arms were off at the time anyway).


Like fake stands in the past it also misses out the “Made in China” print on the bottom (which is odd don't you think.).


The fake stand also came in 5 different pieces. Two parts for the joint, two parts for the base and one part to hold the figure. The joint would never stay together it would just keep falling apart when the nendoroid was attached. The base was also very flimsy and kept becoming detached.


Here there is no real difference in the cat ears apart from the colouring on the inside of the ears.


The amp is messy, the buttons don't line up and not it's not as smooth as the original.

I made this comparison because fakes are becoming increasingly more numerous around the country and they are also getting a lot better.
So the moral of the story is look at the box, look at the paint work and don't order figures off eBay (unless YOU know they are %100).

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A photographer from West Sussex.
England, West Sussex · Photographer ·