Shizuoka Hobby fair and RG 1/1 Gundam

Mon 2011/03/28 12:48 JST
I'm passionate with Japan and technology. Big robots and maids are a perfect combo for an happy life! Enjoy!! Thank you Danny Choo!
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Konnichiwa mina-san. Even though we didn't have any one from the community answer our call, fellow vlogger and soul creator of SubTokyo , Kxela or Alex K and I went to Shizuoka to attend the last 2 days of the Shizuoka Hobby fair and check out the 1/1 RG Gundam statue and hobby museum.

A bit disappointed by the fact that it didn't move, have steam or had the lights it had when it first was build or back in Odaiba, it was very nice to see the RX-78-2 Gundam again. (I went to Odaiba back in 2009 to see it...)

The museum was very surprising and had a lot of things cramped in a small space. For example: a life-size reproduction of Amuro's core fighter as seen in the last moments of the Kidou Senshi Gundam anime series and even a big 1/9.9 Gundam made out of used runners!!

We had 2 beautiful sunny days and very nice weather overall. You'll probably see Kxela's SubTokyo vlogs soon and see many great footage of the event. I'll upload just a few pictures I took there. With only a few days left in Japan, I'm off to eat great food and enjoy the last of my trip here. It's almost "hanami" time too so I'll go snap a few pics of the Sakuras at Yoyogi, Ueno and near some rivers too.

Take care everyone and enjoy life as much as you can,it's very short...

P.S.: Sorry if it takes time to load, this post is very heavy on pictures.


An HDR attempt that turned out not so bad I think. It was the only 3 shots I took in RAW to make an HDR, since I got me an ND filter instead for my Lumix.


The North entrance of the JR Shinkansen line at Shinagawa and the Starbucks on top. Waited for Kxela there...


Some Shinkansen trains coming and going.


It was quite and empty train when we got there, but when we got back to Tokyo, we didn't have any seats and had to sit between carts next to the doors. At least the Shinkansen is very fast and Toyko/Shizuoka only took us about an hour.


One of my first train ticket, since for the last four years of Japan travel, I only used my Suica card. Very convenient.


Got the chance to see great views of Fuji-yama/Fuji-sama/Mount Fuji on our way to Shizuoka.


This was our train at the Shizuoka station.


A glimpse of the giant 15meters Gundam statue at the entrance.



Some melting metal from beam saber usage. Sadly they only lit the base for an hour between 6 and 7 PM so we didn't get the chance to see it more lighted, cause the sun was still there and there was too much natural lights...



Char was there searching for Amuro and spying the Gundam while there was no Renpou/Federation authorities and the Shizuoka security service were too kind to do anything! :D


Great weather on that weekend!



This was the official 1/48 30th anniversary Gunpla model of the statue itself. Very nice and detailed.


Took a few pics on the stairs to get our pictures taken by the staff there since around 5h30, there was no queue anymore.



Without a doubt, it would have been awesome to see all the lights, movement and steam like back in Odaiba. Don't know why they stopped all that since Shizuoka wasn't saving electricity. Unlike Shibuya or around Tokyo, all the neon signs and commercials on giant TVs were working in Shizuoka.



Blue screen of death created by the angry non-moving-or-lighted Gundam!!


This was our view from the Daiichi Shizuoka Hotel. Cheap and comfy, even had an onsen!!


Close-up of the runner Gundam.


Awesome reproduction of the core fighter. (with some working lights in the cockpit...)


Well, last glimpses at the Gundam until they make a real working one. I hope that won't happen since it'll probably be war. No reason to build a Gundam if not to battle and protect the ones you love from evil organization. (or space exploration maybe...)

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I'm passionate with Japan and technology. Big robots and maids are a perfect combo for an happy life! Enjoy!! Thank you Danny Choo!
Quebec ,Canada · るろうに