Kitsune Wednesdays - Round 28 - March Special

Thu 2011/03/31 07:17 JST
A Canadian in Ottawa proudly into Anime with two overly playful Fox girls - Varakitsu & Renge.
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Kon! Got a March party filled with Kitsunes in this special round! Why? March was epic! Hows that? Well, take a look here for reasons - Linky - and you'll see the reasoning! You'll get double the Kitsune special with 25 foxy images!


Poll Results:

- Have you noticed human-like traits in Animals?

This was a weird question but I'm glad you guys voted properly! It seems that 66% of you actually did notice human traits in animals. What I meant was an actual personality, slyness, them outsmarting you, and the typical trait types.

However, 28% of you didn't. Well, hopefully you will soon! And for those that voted 7%, I don't blame you lol.

Enjoy the Kitsune March Special!


Ah! It appears we're all being shy, including this cute girl over here. Got Spring fever? If it makes you feel better, I feel off-beat as well. So let's have fun while nature allows us to! Off to the Spring festival! Don't make me send Renge after you! :P

Lets go!


Aww! How cute! Another shy one! *kneels and holds out his hand in an attempt to unfrighten her*.

Shy foxy amongst mini-kitsune and low-level demons


Spice and Wolf vibe - Anybody want some Apples? Eat while they're fresh off the tree! :)

Kitsune Branded Apples


Bonbori and Hoozuki hugging Ganryuu around Cherry Blossoms!

Otome Yokai Zakuro


With Spring comes blossoming flowers and plants. Enjoy it while it lasts before summer and winter reign supreme once more! Such awesome coloring on this one!

Yakumo look-alike.


Genzoman did a Tanuki and Kitsune art and I didn't notice? Who's he? He's a deviantart superstar apparently. He draws some very crazy and cool things on deviantart. Anyways, enjoy your Sake! :)

Genzo Fox


A traditional looking 9-tailed fox for those that prefer simple fox spirits/familiars. Oh crap! HIDE! *fireball shoots past*

9 tailed fox


Mischievous chibi dancing fox spirits! Watch your pockets for looting :).

Dancing foxes


Can't keep our lovely Kitsune Caster out of the loop! More Caster! No sign of the Figma yet *sighs*. Ah well. Patience!

Kitsune Castah


Winter is now going away so watch your footing! Changing to sneakers from winter boots nearly resulted in this.

fox fall


"Auuuu~, how do you put these headphones on?! They seem to be too small for me!~ Auuuu~" - Foxy guardian

This has been shared already but going to reshare video:

Kitaro - Matsuri.

"Oh?~ You're into such perverted content? How naughty. Allow me to punish you greatly, human!" (w/evil laughter) - teasing foxy


It appears someone did a very gracious deed for her. I see tears coming from her eyes while with a smile. Whoever made her happy I congratulate you! Well, keep it up! Good fortune shall follow you thanks to your good deeds in assisting this miko fox girl!

Miko fox


"Welcome! How may I help you today, Sir/Mam?" - Foxy waitress



A quick shout-out to the girl who dressed up in a roasting fox costume in Infinite Stratos! I wonder how many cold drinks you had to drink to keep yourself cool at the beach you crazy girl! XD Maybe you had a fan in your suit?

Did you notice her in IS?

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Fox costume


Well, hope you had fun.....but it seems the above fox girl isn't amused. What I do wrong? What did I do wrong? *ponders*. Maybe she's one of those hardcore tsunderes? Ah well, she'll lighten up once I get some Sake ha!



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A Canadian in Ottawa proudly into Anime with two overly playful Fox girls - Varakitsu & Renge.
Ottawa, Canada · A blogger, Figure review, and Photographer ·