Rei's New Summer Outfit

Sat 2011/05/07 07:50 JST
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Over the past few days I have been working on sewing Rei a brand new outfit for summer since the temperature is steadily climbing here. This is the first time I have tried to sew items for Dollfie Dream, so it’s been interesting. I will say it has certainly much easier than making tiny things for 10-12″ Pullip fashion dolls!

Original blog post can be found here. ^_^

I started out first just wanting to make a skirt, but when I finished it seemed like a matching top was also in order. Then after that a necklace was required. Oh Rei, I hope you appreciate all this effort on your wardrobe. XD

So without further ado, let me show you Rei’s new full outfit for the Summer season. It is comprised of an off white open backed top which features feminine ruffles down the front and a small bow. The skirt is of a delicate floral pattern with two sets of ruffles and is fully lined.




I made the back of the top open with a corset style lace closure at the top which closes in a bow. A breezy open back is perfect for the warmer summer months.


Look, you can see her pretty stomach and her cute little belly button! ^_^


Here is the necklace I also made with a delicate chain and soft pink pendant. The back clasp (while I realize you can’t see it in this photo) is also custom made as well in DD proportions.


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Enjoys beauty, tea and dolls of course!
USA · Pixel Pusher, Dollfie Admirer ·