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Sat 2011/06/18 00:49 JST
Not much to say, really... I build stuff and show them off, I guess...
Batangas, Philippines · Electronics Engineer & Hobbyist; semi-pro cardboard crafter

Yo! I just wanna showcase some of my weaponry creations. I began scratch-building weaponry soon after acquiring my very first Busou Shinki back in November last year, and I've already built enough to fill an armory.

The major difference between me and most other scratch-builders is that I mostly use scrap materials; cardboard, plastic dvd cases, sprues from gunpla runners, wire... you get the picture. probably the main reason for that is most of the materials, like pla-plate and polyester putty, aren't available from where I am, and that I'm just the type of guy to make use of whatever's cheap and available. :P

These are all built for my Busou Shinki, but can be used by similar-sized figures like figmas and gunpla.


My current lineup, most are my own designs while some are anime and game inspired, like the Lacerator Blade from Monster Hunter, and Mysteltainn, the pink chainsaw from 'Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?'.


Noir, my custom Strarf Busou Shinki, with a White Rock Shooter-inspired scythe, built out of plastic from dvd cases and painted to suit her color theme.


A Segway... built because the figma Segway is too small for Busou Shinki. For Laika, my Howling Busou Shinki's personal use only.


Kei, my Espadia Busou Shinki with her personal lancer.


A HUGE gatling gun for Rui, my Lancamento Busou Shinki, built from cardboard, small drinking straws, bits of plastic and a piece from a gunpla runner for the foregrip.


Mysteltainn chainsaw... this is an older pic (haven't done the detailing yet when this pic was taken).


Another look at the Segway.


This is a mod of 1:144 Gundam Seven Sword's GN Sword II Blaster, replaced the blade and custom colored.


Noir with the modded GN Sword II Blaster, with added silver paint on the blade's edge. Behind her on the right is Laika with a buster blade.


Up next is a current work-in progress; a Busou Shinki scaled god arc weapon from the PSP game Gods Eater Burst, modeled after the character Soma's old type buster god arc.


Some plastic for the core, a gunpla runner piece for the hilt, and some cardboard for added volume.


The shield, non-deployable and just there for aesthetics.


Seven layers of plastic for the blade itself.


The blade assembled temporarily with double-sided tape. It's gonna be detailed further, as the blade's original design is serrated.


Temp assembly...

I currently have two WIP's, this one and twin daggers used by Tri-Edge in the .Hack game (no pics yet). I'll post again when these are completed.

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Not much to say, really... I build stuff and show them off, I guess...
Batangas, Philippines · Electronics Engineer & Hobbyist; semi-pro cardboard crafter