[UPDATER] Nightmare(Jan)'s sketchbook

Sat 2011/06/18 23:56 JST
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constellation M33 · xenosapien · http://www.se7enta.co.cc/

hello again, boys and girls. last week, i introduced some chars from this small graphic novel i am working on. glad to hear (from most people) that they are cool, especially eli lol.

every now and then, i do some random drawings to practice anatomy, perspective, etc. i applied what i learnt to some of these drawings with some of the difficult perspectives i find ^^;;
boy, was it hard. not to mention time-consuming.

also uploaded the last part of the touhou manga i worked on.


take a peek if you want :-)


"Let the children come to me..." or something like that.


i used quantum of solace as a reference for this one. i think this exemplifies the attire im aiming for. very la noire looking too :-)


this one was very difficult to get right...

i love how nice the random blacks fit in.


aaand heres some practice on side view/profile shots. i love these. they convey so much emotion in a simple way. the most difficult part: the nose and placement of eyes. lol

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constellation M33 · xenosapien · http://www.se7enta.co.cc/