Gunpla World Cup and Anime Expo Model Contest

Thu 2011/06/30 05:01 JST
Placentia, California · Software Engineer ·

This is for all you folks in Southern California this weekend. Anime Expo is happening and there are two gunpla contests that will be help here:

So for you gunpla builders, enter the contests you qualify for and if you are not at the vocoloid concert, check out the following:
Gundam 00 Movie
7:00PM – 9:00PM
Hybrid Film Room
LACC Concourse Hall

Gundam 00 Panel with Mizushima
9:00PM – 10:00PM
Hybrid Film Room
LACC Concourse Hall

This one happens after the vocoloid concert, so come learn some interesting techniques to building gunpla!
Gunpla Building Seminar
10:00PM – 12:00PM
LACC Room 515B

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Placentia, California · Software Engineer ·