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I got some new tables for my girls from Balldylox and decided to let them try them out.


The girls gather in their living room in the morning.


Sakura and Hannah: "Good Morning Yukino."


Yukino: "Oh, good morning, you two look cute today."


Sakura: "Hey, this table and lamp are new. Finally scripple has given us some place to put our food and drinks while we hang out. I'm not sure why he didn't buy two of each though, that would have made a lot more sense."


Hannah: "Oh, good morning Rin."

Rin: "Hey Yukino, didn't you hear us decide last night that it was school uniform day? What the hell kind of uniform is that supposed to be?"


Yukino: "I'm sorry, I wanted to dress up but I don't have a school uniform to wear."


Rin: "Oh of course you don't. I should have known an ignoramus like you would never have attended school. Haha, how silly of me."

Hannah: "Rin, be nice. Why can't you stop picking on Yukino?"


*At that moment Saber plops down in the chair with a table full of food.*

Saber: "Oh good morning everyone! Look at these awesome snack trays scripple got for us. Finally I can have my morning snack in the living room without trying to juggle everything on my lap. Yum!"


Sakura: "Saber stop! These are tables not snack trays. Don't you remember what happened the last time we got a new table? You completely pigged out and were miserable afterwards. You don't want that to happen again do you?"


Saber: "Oh don't worry Sakura. Last time I had a complete meal, this is just a little snack so I'll be fine."

Sakura: "Alright girls, we have to do something about this, huddle up!"


*All the girls in the huddle* "Whisper whisper whisper..."

Saber: "Hey, what are you all saying over there? What are you up to?"


Sakura: "Ok Saber, we've decided that you're addicted to excessive eating and that you need our help. Please consider this an intervention for your own good."

Saber: "What?"

Sakura: "Ok everyone, go!"


*All the girls descend on the table, grabbing food and the table itself*

Saber: "Wait stop! Rin, that's my donut!"


Yukino, Hannah, Rin: *chomp* *smack* "Mmmmmm"

Rin: "Mmmmm, interventions are tasty."

Sakura: "I'm sorry Saber, but please understand that we had to do this for your own good. I think there's some fruit in the kitchen, why don't you have a PIECE OR TWO of that?"


Saber: "Aww, no fair. Not even one donut?" *sniff*

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Dysfunctional Dollfie Wrangler
The Dysfunctional Dollfie House · The fun in dysfunctional ·