Asian Ed's Room Redux

Fri 2009/07/17 10:30 JST
Nothing to see here, move along. ^.^;;
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Since I'd done some redecorating and cleaning recently, I decided to take a new set of photos for Otacool. The most noticeable changes include two new display cases, Dollfie Rin, a few new figures, and a reorganized manga shelf. I'd also shifted the location of one DVD rack to make room for the new display cases.

The original photo set (with a few changes already) is here.

A couple more notes:

  • I'd made the strategic decisions not to put a TV in this area. I have on in the bedroom and downstairs, so there isn't much need.
  • The majority of the computing power in my house is in the computer area, I have 2 PCs there; one is my main, the other is the Windows Home Server. They are named Chikane and Kagami, respectively.
  • My cat's name is Sophie (sorry, no cute otaku-esque name for the kitty). She was in the process of bathing herself when I took the shot. It's really hard to find her sitting still where I can take a photo with a long shutter... took a few attempts until she was still for a full second.
  • There's a book in my lap in the last picture. It's an artbook for ARIA the Origination.
  • The fish tank in the study area is called a BiOrb. They're pretty cool tanks, but a pain to keep clean and maintain.

I also made a virtual photo tour of the area using Photosynth earlier today. Be sure to check it out!

Danny, if multiple entries for Otacool aren't allowed, let me know and I can take one down. I just didn't feel like updating all the photos from the other post... Call me lazy! ^.^

Copied from the other entry:

  • Name: Ed
  • Age: 27
  • How many years you have been an otaku:10
  • Nationality: American born Chinese
  • Outline of your collection: I started collecting manga, DVDs, and a small number of figures in college about 7 years ago. Since then, I've moved out on my own and my collection has expanded exponentially to include more of everything. Danny has been a heavy influence as of late, with Figmas and Dollfie joining the mix.
  • How much your collection cost: Too much to try to count ^.^;;
  • Your fave item: At present, Dollfie Rin. Other favorites are Magical Girl Rin, 1/4 Haruhi Bunnies, and 1/6 ARIA figures.
  • Your website address:
  • Anything else you want to say: Thanks Danny for giving me such a unique opportunity to show off what is normally my own private world!



A shot of the new display cases and desk


Figma shelf





Looking at the desk from the lounge area


A look at the lounge from the desk area


Taking a break after shooting lots of photos

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Nothing to see here, move along. ^.^;;
Charlotte, NC · Technical Account Manager ·