Rei and Yoko Retrospective

Sat 2011/10/01 06:24 JST
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This coming Sunday, October 2nd, will mark the one year anniversary of my welcoming Rei and Yoko home. I traveled to Japan last year around this time and found Rei and Yoko in toy shops in Osaka. I mailed them back to my home and received them a few days after I got back.

I'll do another post on Sunday of a little party the girls are throwing but for today, I figured I would share some older photos of Rei and Yoko that some people may have not seen.

So please enjoy pictures of my second and third daughters! =3


Here's Rei cosplaying as herself from the Eva anime.


Rei in the white cheongsam Elisabeth let her borrow.


Rei relaxing in bed with Bone-kun and wearing the shirt Jun97 made for her.


This was one of the pics from the first photoshoot I ever gave Rei. She had some real attitude back then!


Rei in the kitchen in some nice morning light.


One of my favorite pics ever of Rei.


Rei dressed up for Halloween last year.


Rei's first ever maid outfit!


Rei cosplaying as a killer lady cop. She got this Volks outfit for Christmas last year.


Rei posing in an Alices Collections dress.


Ahhh, another of my favorite photos of Rei. Here, she's wearing a lingerie set that Deadly Gambit sent her as a present. I love this outfit on her! =3


Rei out exploring the woods.


Yet another great shot of Rei, pondering why she couldn't keep her Saber Maid set.


Battle Maid Rei posing with Batou. This outfit is my favorite on her by far and she OWNS it. She's especially hot in this but man is she ruthless while wearing it. =3 I got it from the Cool Cats custom clothing site.


Speaking of maid sets, heres my Yoko in hers! I got this Volks outfit from Zakuro. Yoko LOVES wearing it!


Yoko in her first photoshoot. This was the only time she has worn her default set for me. I fear it staining her again so she hasnt worn it since then.


Last fall, Yoko wanted to go play in the leaves so I let her outside for abit. She had so much fun frolicking in the leaf piles I made.


Here's Yoko showing off a shirt that was NOT made to fit her chest and a skirt from Jessica at Nightfall. Even tho the shirt doesnt really fit, she sure looks GREAT in it! =3


This was the first outfit I ever bought directly from Volks US. I tried in the International "grab" but was denied quickly. I got really lucky when it came up at Volks US tho. I really like this set on her.


Hee hee.... Yoko dressed up as a bunny! This is the Volks Pink Bunny set that Manami came with when I adopted her. Yoko loves bunnies so of course when she saw this, she was all about wearing it!


Yoko in her kimono!


Yoko showing off her wonderful form in a t-shirt and panties.


This dress had THE most EPIC side boob EVAR! XD I got it from MimiWoo on ebay and it was only 10 bucks. SO WORTH IT!


And here's Yoko being all sexy in her black undies.


And now for some group photos. Here's Manami, Yoko and Rei all modeling swimsuits for me. Manami is wearing the preorder set that came with Yoko, Yoko is wearing a set from Cool Cats and Rei is wearing her default sukumizu.


HA! Yoko was mean to Rei earlier in the day so while she was distracted playing Tic Tac Toe with Manami, Rei sneaks up on her to scare her with a shark hand puppet. XD


Yoko and Rei all snuggly after taking a midday nap. =3


Relaxing in the bedroom together.


Yoko wouldn't let MDD Rei go after seeing her. =3 My friend Jun97 sent me his spare MDD body and I tried out all my girls heads on it. But this picture was one of the cutest ones I took. =3


Rei and Yoko playing with Seina and Alice. So cute!


And lastly, my favorite photo ever of my first three girls. I love everything about this shot.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and I'll see yall soon with party pics!

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager