Suruga Kanbaru figma!

Sun 2011/10/02 15:56 JST
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so she finally arrived earlier this morning, although...not how i wanted her to. just take a look:




Even on the inside the damage can be seen. Her cardboard decal is even slightly punched out.


Luckily the damages were only on the box and nothing else. Still, it's just disheartening to have a box in this condition on arrival.


So here's the casing for Kanbaru and her things. Quite a few bits and pieces here, so let's get rolling.


Her hand pieces. You'll notice she has two which have little pegs on them. Those are for holding her basketball in one hand or the other. You'll also notice that she has 2 pairs of open-hands; one is more relaxed while the other is the typical open-handed gesture you get in just about every figma.



Faces! Kanbaru is special due to the addition of her "Rainy Devil" face and coat (which I'll get to in a bit). Plus her default face, she comes with a confident face, a surprised face, and (again) the "Rainy Devil" face.

Most figmas have only two other faces, but Kanbaru gets three!


The "Monkey Paw" attachment. This part also comes with one extra hand part - clenched fist. I have yet to try this on Kanbaru, but I imagine it's very much like swapping Strength's (BRS figma) gauntlets for her normal arms and vice versa.


And now the "Rainy Devil" raincoat. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time in the figma line that uses actual cloth for an accessory. That piece of cardboard is what the coat was hugging to keep its shape nice and folded. It may be trash to some (the cardboard), but I see a new figma prop! (Target practice anyone?)


Kanbaru herself looks very nicely done and I see no error in design or paint work. I just wish the box she came in was the same...

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California, USA · student, artist, amatuer cartoonist ·