Worry Much?

Fri 2011/11/25 18:27 JST
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Since the cold season is coming, and we don't have heaters in our plumbing, warm water is obtainable by boiling it in a kettle. I kind of exaggerated when I told her that we're going to a hot spring.

P.S. I can't swim, so it's only natural for me to have an irrational fear of pools and large bodies of waters and such ^^


Who's ready for a swim?

"I am! I am! Me! Me! Meeeee!"


"I'm so excited! I can't wait!"

Now now babydoll, be extra careful when in the water, okay? O___O
Always hold onto something sturdy, and don't run! Water can be very slippery.


"Ooooh~ That does sounds dangerous '.' I'll be very careful, I promise!"

Ehehehe^^;; Good girl! Now let's take you to your pool :3


Now, if you need anything I'll be right here, keeping an eye on you. So don't hesitate to call me if you're in trouble.

"This is it, right?"

*Gah! I must have over-estimated this laddle for Nina! It doesn't looked so scary now that it looked too small for her...


Ehehehe...^^;; Too small huh?

"Oh no!I was hoping it wouldn't be so deep, I can't swim afterall, hehe :3"


"Now I can dive without worrying the water being too deep!"

WAH! Nina noooooo!

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Moon and Dragon. Gloom and Cat.
Brigadoon · Soul Diver