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Wed 2011/12/21 00:39 JST
Not much to say, really... I build stuff and show them off, I guess...
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ZE's Pad, formerly known as Shinki Shelf, is basically complete! Why change the name? Because my Busou Shinki now share the place with my Figmas and other figures. If you all remember, my old Shinki Shelf is patterned on a traditional Japanese home, but now as more figures moved in (and with plenty more to follow), I thought I should redesign it to be more of an entertainment and gaming spot for everyone to relax in. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) here is scratch-built from paper and cardboard and bits of clear plastic (except for the figures, duh!). So here are some pics from construction to decoration, and everything in between...

My old display cabinet has a problem... the shelf sinks quite a bit in the center back, so I used cardboard to provide a nice, flat surface for the flooring. There is even space provided for small drawers to store some stuff in.

After doing the walls and flooring (using specialty paper), I built a new TV mount for my papercraft plasma TV (which is pretty neat since it has interchangeable screens). The old kotatsu is there, though without the fabric, an will serve as a coffee table. I built a new sofa set, complete with pillows and a nifty little hidden space to store stuff in, like a pistol and Kirino's eroge.

More papercraft stuff. A ping pong table for recreation, a pink VAIO for Kirino (dunno why the figma left this out), a pc set and speakers.

Here's a pc table made out of cardboard, white sticker paper and paint.

Now here's the table loaded...

Dunno how to manage a papercraft mouse, so made a touchpad instead.

I wanted a DDR arcade in 1/12 scale... but I can't find any of Konami's Desktop Arcade Collection anywhere near my home. No papercraft templates are available online, so what's a guy got to do to have one? Build his own from scratch! Yes, this is MY papercraft! Also built an elevated area, covered with carpeting (gray felt paper), and if you look at the left edge of the pic, there's a white banister there using clear acrylic sheets sprayed with clear plastic primer... the end result is a smoked glass effect!

I printed out a bunch of posters to adorn the walls of the shelf. Kinda shows what anime I'm into. BTW, Ayu is holding my favorite Mythbusters poster.

Kirino comparing posters of her and Kuroneko.

... I can't really blame their reactions to both those posters...

After a lot of work adding wallpapers and sorting out the shelf's layout, this is what I have...

Built a Christmas tree, just for the holidays. The TV mount's shelves need to be filled with dvd's or something...

Some of my shinkis chill out watching TV. Professor Layton is enjoying tea with Kuroneko until Kirino starts to pick a fight.

A ping pong match with Yoshika pitted against Kagamiku. Miku herself and Kos-Mos are in spectator mode..

Looks like my fencer sisters are too busy with all the computers to look at the camera... or even notice that one of the pc speakers has fallen (that one was actually my fault)...

Azunyan and Yui practicing a bit... The rest of Hokago Tea Time coming soon...

Here's the mini arcade section. The two IM@S arcades I built ways back. Noir having a chat with Luka, while Rui wants to try the DDRX arcade, but she ought to remove her boots first...

A little zoom out shot.

The three built-in drawers. Busou Shinki weaponry, my scratch-built weapons and misc. gunpla parts each has its own drawer.

Another zoom out shot...

The cabinet's top shelf is home to most of my papercraft figures. I ought to buy a new cabinet to relocate my papercraft in, especially since they're all too crowded. Once that is done, the top shelf is gonna transform into an awesome concert stage! Well, that's it for now... Until next time, stay tuned for more updates!

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Not much to say, really... I build stuff and show them off, I guess...
Batangas, Philippines · Electronics Engineer & Hobbyist; semi-pro cardboard crafter