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Mon 2012/01/02 11:55 JST
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"sample" picture
and before I'm asked a billion times - Saber-Lily is not part of the sale. She's been sold and gone for months truth be told

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm still saving up like mad for that new DD adoption soon to happen, so still selling lots of my collection!

PayPal is preferred payment method, and I'm shipping from the US
Any questions, comments, offers or interest please email me at

Most of my sales stuff is archived (and more properly updated) in my LJ , so do take a look for pictures and more info
♫ stuff not gonna list in full, go read LJ
English manga
Ranma 1/2 "monthly" VIZ comics
lolita/EGL clothes, cosplay
plushies, random oldskool stuff, trading/playing cards

Dollfie things
MDD S-size bust, normal skin
mod-girl dress from LittleWonder Wardrobe (MDD-size)

Artbooks (Japanese unless otherwise noted)
BLEACH: all colour but the black
Kingdom Hearts Shiro Amano Artworks
Full Metal Alchemist: TV Animation
The Art of Magic Knight Rayearth: vol 1 (US Tokyopop edition)
Chobits Fan Book
Slayers Dra-Mata
Slayers: Return
Di Gi Charat Complete
Fushigi Yuugi Animation World

Figures, gashapon and the like

Martian Successor Nadesico: Ruri 2 figure set
Bottle Fairy 1:1 - 4 figure set
Ranma 1/2 - boy-side/girl-side model set
High Grade Battle-costume figure - Sakura Wars 4: Sakura
Genshiken: Kanako Ohno SIF EX figure - cosplaying KujiUn
Ghost in the Shell - Motoko figure
Suzumiya Haruhi nendoroid
K-on! - Mio nendoroid
Oreimo - Kirino nendoroid
SIF EX - Genshiken: Ohno cosplay
McFarlane Toys - Vash the Stampede
1/6 ArtFX by Kotobukiya - Final Fantasy X: Tidus
Full Metal Alchemist gashapon full set of 5
DiGi Charat keychain set
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rei keychains
Final Fantasy X - Lulu keychain
Naruro - Sakura keychain
Ranma 1/2 - Ryoga keychain
Slayers - Lina Inverse keychain
Inu Yasha - Shippo and demon-InuYasha keychains
Shaman King - Asakura Yoh keychain
Sakura Taisen 3 - Coquelicot keychain
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle gashapon - Chii

BLEACH stuff
1] Rukia & Ichigo cell-strap
2] Ichigo & skull cell-strap (the underside is soft and can be used to clean screen)
3] fake-leather logo bracelet
4] necklace (err.. Ichigo's sword hilt?)

Full Metal Alchemist stuff!
1] Riza and Hayate cell-strap
2] chibi Al & Ed zipper mascot
3] Envy headband
1] Sakura from Naruto zipper mascot
2] Tooya from Ayashi no Ceres zipper mascot

Robot: Wani Iron Works Trading Figure - Range Murata's "Takeo & Groundpass"
PSE Solid Collection Version 3.0 - another Range Murata illustration made figure!
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol. 1 - Rinoa
One Piece styling figure Zoro from... 2008?

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Casual gamer & lazy cosplayer
· tsundere NEET ·