One year with Miyuki!

Fri 2012/01/13 09:21 JST
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On January 10th of last year, I brought home my fourth daughter Miyuki. She was a custom girl made by the same person who made my Manami. Miyuki had been with her for a month or so and things seemed ok with them but something wasn't right. Her owner just didn't make that connection with her and they weren't getting along well at all. I talked to Miyuki's owner one night on chat and she told me that she had tried to sell her to a mutual friend but it had fallen thru. I immediately told her to hold Miyuki for ME as I wanted to adopt her. I couldn't have Miyuki go anywhere else but down here with me and her sisters... the thought of that just really bugged me.

So I went to a doll meet in Raleigh a week or two later and was able to pick Miyuki up in person. She rode back with me and my sister and some of my girls. And she has been an excellent daughter for me ever since!

I wasn't able to do a big bash or party for her yet but I'm trying to see what I can come up with in the next week or so. Until then, I wanted to at least share some pictures of my wonderful Miyuki from when she first arrived at my home up until now. So please enjoy this little retrospective of her! =3


This is Miyuki as she first arrived! She had a trunk full of clothes and a Hello Kitty from her "mom" to remember her by.


Miyuki trying out a very "low key" outfit. XD She's always liked bright colors and PINK. She is all about some pink! =3


Miyuki trying out her new wig. Manami had been using this on occasion but as soon as Miyuki saw it, she was all over it. I think it went well with her little attitude. =3


Miyuki wearing a garden dress I got from Alices Collections.


Miyuki playing online. Her otaku tendencies really started to pop up once she felt more at home here.


Here, she's trying out what will become her default wig. I got it from Cool Cats when they first started selling wigs. She hardly ever wears the twintails now but she's quite cute with them if you ask me. ^_^


Chillin' out on the couch. Another pink outfit that she claimed as her own.... I got that from Nightfall back when I first got Manami. The Volks boots I picked up while I was in Japan. She is pointing to her leg and saying..

"Ssssssss! I'm HOT!" XD


"Come sit down with me Papa."

Miyuki on the front porch of my house. The Sakura outfit she's wearing is just so nice on her... it's one of my favorite sets.


My sassy little otaku girl telling me I *must* play her in some video games. =3 She always beats me so bad too....


Ready to hit the beach!


Miyuki posing all cute-like in a new outfit from Alices Collections.



Getting into her wild side with her wolf kigu.


Being a sexy little beast in her Ausra lingerie. She can be quite the minx when she wants to! =3


In a sweater from Ausra... she really loves this color and so do I.


And lastly, a previously un-released picture of her lounging in bed with nothing but a t-shirt and panties. ^_^ Where did this come from? XD

I'm so very glad I was able to adopt Miyuki as she is such a fun girl to have here in my house. I love her to bits and hope to keep providing more fun pics of her in the future! =3

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager