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Sun 2012/01/29 13:52 JST
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Aaaand. . . another post of Kymaera's New Year Meet. XD

My shots didn't turn out so hot for the most part; I was a doofus and left my camera in the same settings I used for the Dragon Party photo story--that is, ideal for supernova-brightness lights and a tripod, not handheld in normal-person indoor lighting. Still got a few presentable ones though.


Kymaera's Mari, Akira. She and Aya (Kymaera's Alna) went base jumping off the shelf, and now she gloats about her robust survival skills.


. . . somehow this scene seems more sinister in my photos than it does in Kymaera's or Animagic4U's. o.o


Rei pilots the motorbike, while Mikila, being the new girl, is relegated to the bitch seat as they ride to the apocalypse.


"My hero!"


After her daring rescue of Luts Honey Delf from the dreaded Coffee Table, she takes over the motorcycle.


"To Infinity, and Beyond! Watch the apocalypse in Kymaera's sidecar!"


"Alright, alright. So there's no sidecar."


"It's your fault for getting that song stuck in my head to begin with!"


The two resident badasses have a conference regarding dealing with mad scientists, bitchy witches, and what to do when the local idiot doesn't know how to properly scratch a dragon's belly.


I put this wig on Kymaera's Saber expecting it to look as silly on her as it does on Agatha, but it actually works!


Nanoha, unlike Captain Picky--I mean, Agatha--looked good and comfortable in nearly all the wigs I put on her, save for a short curly red one.


Daaaaw, Nanoha stole Saber's wig.


And then Saber pretty much stole Agatha's.


Agatha, meanwhile, tried on a variety, though most shots didn't turn out. (Which she's grateful for, as that means I can't show pictures of her in the lavender pigtails.) This one actually looked pretty good on her though; Kymaera called it "Vampire Agatha."


Then we had a craft challenge: 15 minutes to make a present for one of the dolls at the meet. I made the ferret, Disco Yuuno, for Nanoha. There's also a sparkly pumpkin hat, a dragon, sparkly necklaces, a paper jewelry box, and Sasara got a magic wand.


Nanoha greets Disco Yuuno.


Sasara contemplates her new weapon and tactics to take down Nanoha.


And Fox doesn't care about presents, because he has CAKE.

Thanks again for hosting the meet, Kymaera! It was loads of fun, and I hope we can do something again soon.

For further coverage, you can check the post made by our gracious host and by the impish Animagic4U.

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Animation student soon to be unleashed upon the world.
Random Desert, US · Evil Animator ·