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Sat 2012/02/11 13:42 JST
figure, DD collector and avid jrpg-er. Also perpetually broke :P
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I'm trying to sell off some of my figures to fund my (future) DD family :)
Thanks for looking!
All prices will be in USD and I will ship from Canada to anywhere. I can also do pick-ups within the GTA. Be aware that international shipping can get pretty expensive. All payments must be made by paypal marked as "gift" please and thank you :). E-mail for any inquiries

If you would like more pictures, feel free to send me an e-mail :). I will do holds, but only for 48 hours if there are others interested in the same item(s). All items are MSIB except those noted :)

Lilina [opened] - 80
Miyafuji Nendoroid - 90
Rai - SOLD
Madoka Nendoroid School ver. - SOLD
Gumako Nendoroid - 60
Danboard Amazon ver - SOLD
Miku Support Figma - SOLD
Hayato Nendoroid - 35
Hinagiku Nendoroid - 35
Nagi Nendoroid - SOLD
Yuki Disappearance ver. - SOLD
Haruhi Disappearance ver. - SOLD
Miku Support Nendoroid - HOLD
BRS Support Nendoroid - SOLD
Drossel [w/parts but w/o box] - 25
Miku original figma [missing skirt] - SOLD

Small Figures:
Inuyasha set - 20
Clamp in 3D land - 8/ea
Bearbrick set 2 - 8/ea
Gundam Seed Gashapon - 3/ea

Not Pictured
Flandre 1/8 Griffon Enterprises - 75

Madoka Petit Nendoroid - Schoolgirl ver of each of the girls - 10/ea
-Kyouko SOLD
-Mami SOLD
Kaito Cheerful ver. Nendoroid - SOLD

My friend is also interested in selling her Alleyne for 200. Send me any inquiries and I will forward them to her :).
Thank you for looking!!!





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figure, DD collector and avid jrpg-er. Also perpetually broke :P
Canada · Student