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Wed 2012/02/22 13:56 JST
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Yaay! I've always wanted to do a room post, but didn't think my room was cool enough. But is ready ^^. I had to do alot of tidying up for these pictures, this place was a disaster . DX


Here's what you see from the door. The room is sort of a hexagon shape. My dog was very interested in what I was doing.


The door from the middle of the room ...not much more to say.


The door to my closet and my figure shelf. It used to be a bookshelf with figmas on top, but the figmas took over and the books lost. The books live in the closet now.
I like my shelf better than a detolf, but unfortunately I'm running out of space. It'll most likely before the year is over. =_=


A closer picture of my figure shelf. The Haruhi figmas take up the most space right now, but BRS is gaining with the Fate figmas close behind. The Madoka figures are the dark horse =P


A closeup of my door! I put smaller pictures that wouldn't look good on the wall here.
The Pokemon postcard things were supposed to be a free gift when you preorder Pokemon Black and White(which I didn't do), but the guy at Target gave them to me anyway XD. Maybe they had extras. There are alot more, but I just put up my favorites ^^


The PVC place of honor on my nightstand. Caster and Nessa live here. I'd like to get Kureha and Inori one day so they can be here too ^^


My dresser. The figure shelf used to be here by the window, but I got scared and moved it into the corner after Shiro and Ritsu's shirts started turning pink ._.'


The bin I store my figma accessories in and all two of my petite nendorids.
I swear that plant is alive! It's the winter blues.


The Poplar army manages my alarm clock for me.
No wonder I'm always late for school.


My tiny furniture drawer, which is a mess.
I'm suprised more things aren't broken.


I call this my Playstation playing station. The paper is notes for Fate/Extra XD
The beanbag doesn't really match with anything, but I found it in the house and it's the only seating I can fit in my room.


My bed! It's way too big for the room. I feel kind of bad since I only sleep on half of it anyway.


Under the bed! This is where my boxes are banished too. Its getting cramped under there >_>


And I'll finish with a picture of my doggie who got excited when I got on the floor to take pictures under the bed XD
So...thank you for looking ^^

And *cough* *cough* Check out my sale if you'd like *cough*

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Never Outgrew Toys
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