Figma Sengoku Nadeko

Thu 2012/03/08 23:59 JST
I like drawing,collecting figures and take pictures of it.=I
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Just got my her yesterday.It arrives last week,But I don't have the money yet last week.So,here it is.And Since I don't have class today.I took some picture of her.And I have to say it.She's Adorable.

Oh btw,sorry for the photo being to big.I did try to resize the resolution.turns out it's still big.^^;


Anyway,took her out yesterday night when I reach home.When I took her out,And God she looks even more adorable when she's out of the box.XD


And yes,both the jacket and her hat can be remove.really like her hand and the fingers.she just look so relax.


Relaxed smile that could cheer you up when you feel down.^^


Jacket up~and walking around.And Btw,The way the leg is design is great.maybe is her pants but whenever I bend it,it feels great and solid it's as if I'm bending gundam legs but softer.It's Awesome.I can't really describe it.If you do get it has it,you'll now what i meant~^^


Recreating the pose from the opening Renai problem~and perfect~^^





Her standing pose behind the box.When i saw that standing pose,it just looks so adorable I absolutely have to look at it up close myself~^^



Walking around my laptop.


I took out the paper inside the her figma box.the yellow kinda gives out a SHAFT-ish feel~^^


This could be my favorite and by far the best yet~^^


Another scene recreated where she's holding the charm Araragi gave to protect her.If my bakemonogatari journal in my brain is right~=D


After getting her,I really need to get the other Bakemonogatari character.I love Bakemoogatari.Especially Araragi and Senjougahara~^^


I really love this figma.The character design is done by Akio Watanabe who is famous in designing cute characters like her.And I think the figma perfected it in terms of detail.Hope they'll release the Nisemonogatari version of Nadeko where she shows her bang on here head.Anyway,Really love it.If you guys loves Nadeko.You have to get this,definitely.^^

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I like drawing,collecting figures and take pictures of it.=I
Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur,Sandakan · Student ·