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Sat 2012/03/17 09:25 JST
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These are a few months old, but I'm only just now posting them. (The CD Japan order just arrived today, though) Yako in Nendoroid form from the series "Neuro" ~! I adore her, she's so cute! I love her huge appetite~ she's actually a reward to myself for reaching a milestone. Ooh, then we have an issue of Girl's Style dedicated to UtaPri~! I'm not sure whether I like Girl's Style or B's Log more... Hmmm~ Ah! I managed to snatch the LE complete set of Oreimo! It came with a LOT of goodies~ There's also the Hetalia movie. The LE version I have came with a handkerchief. It doesn't actually look like it would stand up to a washing, though... O.o Cute, nevertheless.

My CDJapan order has finally arrived! It was my first time ordering with them, and went sooo~ smoothly. I'm already planning my next order with them~ I have the Starry Sky ~ in Summer ~ complete guide, the drama CD Watashi no Shitsuji ~ on mild taste ~, and four light novels; Ouma Ke Ji Ayai to Kurabu Shoukan Shoujo no Shugo, Gekkou, Kamioroshi Enmusubi no Gi and the LE Arcana Familia La Primavera, that came with a mini drama CD. (in more ways then one... it is tiny!) I'm very happy with everything~

Thanks for looking~! I hope you've enjoyed my treasures as much as I am (^o^)/









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❤ Southern Maiden ~ Passionate about otoge
Beautiful Alabama · Pub master's daughter