Blue Heaven Custom Dollfie Dream Eyes

Sat 2012/03/17 19:52 JST
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Hey guys! Well after some time, I finally feel like I have enough styles to open my first order for Blue Heaven eyes!



These eyes are, by and large, a labor of love. Like our girls themselves, they are not meant to infringe upon any owner's copyright, but merely exist as an expression of affection for the original material. That being said, I'm sure you can figure out the inspiration for many of these styles of eyes. As I don't own any international licences for characters or series titles, I am going to refrain from identifying the source of any of these eyes out of politeness and respect for the original creators :)

No slight is meant to Volks either. I love Volks Animetic eyes, I just wanted there to be a little more variety available for those of us who dollfie dream wildly.

Basic Information

Dichromatic pairs are not available at this time. If you wish to have odd colored eyes, you must order two pairs.

All eyes are hand-painted by me and based on both careful research and close observation of illustrations. Each eye is produced from a source image that is four times the size of the one displayed on the eye chart! All eyes are hollow and flat-backed, making them much easier (in my experience) to put into a DD head than ball type eyes. Of course, they eyes can also be used in resin dolls if that’s your fancy. Every style currently comes with an opalescent finishing sheen that gives the eyes very nice shine even in indoor light.

Eyes can be ordered in any even size from 8mm to 22mm. I usually order 20-22mm for my girls, but please use your best judgement with what eye sizes you’re most comfortable with.

All eyes are hand finished by Shelly of Ersa Flora, which accounts for the excellent quality of the finished product. As these styles are all hand-painted by me, they are only available through me :) I am a Dollfie Dream owner and lover myself, and what I wanted to do with this service was offer more beautiful things to share with the community, that will help each girl become more perfect and complete.

I am not taking requests for custom eye styles at this time. New styles will appear on the chart when they are finished, and will become available at the next pre-order period. I will try to always consistently produce new designs that will captivate people, and I follow current trends of what is popular in the fan community to the best of my ability.

Ordering Process

I will call for an open order when I am ready to place an order. Then you select which styles you would like from the menu. Email me at with the size, quantity, and style of each pair you would like to order. Once we reach a total of twenty pairs from all orders, I will invoice the customers through paypal, and after they have paid, place an order. From then it will take around five weeks for the eyes to be produced and arrive here. I will pack them up and send them off to you as quickly as possible.


Each pair of eyes is USD $22.00. This price includes domestic shipping inside the United States. If you are outside of the United States, I will ship USPS International Priority and charge you exact fees for your postage.


Eye Menu! Please select from these available sizes!

I will be updating with new styles every few months :) Keep an eye out!


These are eye style 11 in Duriel's custom Dollfie Dream Excellen Browning. You can see the opalescent effect here!


Style type 01 in my Gabriel.

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I may actually be a bunny rabbit.
a Burrow · Lv 7 Bunny Rabbit ·