Zoids loot through trade

Sun 2012/03/18 08:40 JST
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Hey guys so I've gotten into Zoids again just recently and I happened to have stumbled onto Yukiru's classified ad. I emailed her and promptly got a reply. We basically made an agreement to trade her used Liger Zero, Lightning Saix and Gun Sniper for my new figma Tsukasa and a couple of hi-chews (lol)

She shipped my items pretty quickly and even wrote on the box saying that the item was fragile. I thought that was awfully considerate of her! She also used a crap load of packing material to make sure that my items wouldn't break or anything. Check out the pic I posted.

Lastly the items came as she had described in her ad. She was also nice enough to write a note to remind me what was missing, etc.

If you guys ever see her classified in the near future don't hesitate to do it! She's really great to deal with!