Miu got a new dress

Sat 2012/03/24 05:36 JST
Just being herself ^_^
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Hi everybody !
As the title says , Miu received a new dress . I found it on Ebay
when I was looking on ''SD outfit'' . I often find really cute dresses
when I do search for ''SD outfit '' , you can find dresses that are made
by individuals , way more limited than Volks outfits and always less
expensive . So , for comrades that don't always have the budget
for Volks outfits , you can always look for outfits that are made
for SD 13 , they fit our Dollfie Dream and you have a lot more choices .


The dress alone, you can see all the details , very nice work ^_^


With the apron on top of it .




And finally the matching hair piece , I always like to have one of those :)
I hope that you like it too ^_^

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Just being herself ^_^
Canada · artist