Astraea 1/6 - the Sora no Otoshimono by Plum

Sun 2012/03/25 21:46 JST
Hi there I like photography, collecting figures as well as watching entertaining anime shows.
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Here is my first figure from manufacturer PLUM, it’s Astraea from the Sora no Otoshimono anime/manga.

Fortunately I could find it the figure a few month after release at Plamoya, sometimes they have nice discounts, no Im not sponsored During the shipment I started to doubt my decision, I didn’t know what to expect from Plum or this figure, would I be satisfied with this Astraea… ?

Anyway Im glad that I ordered Astraea in the end, I would have regret it if I had passed on her.


On the promo pics the figure seemed to have a rather aroused *kyaaah* face, but in person it turned into a somehow cute and surprised look from most angles, overall her face is very well recreated, the red eyes are lively and have a shiny finish, underneath are some nice blushmarks which were used in a more sublimal way. The figure has an deep open mouth with a nice upper front teeth line. Her naughty °v° mouth would have also been nice, but Im fine with °@° as well.


Astraea is scaled 1/6 and makes an impressive appearance, she is 230 mm in height and 220 mm in length, from wing to wing she measures around 300 mm. You should have seen the huge box.

The base is made of ABS and is connected without a peg, you just have to hook it under the backside of her top and gravity does the rest. It is quite stable and the figure has no holes at the back. You can also display her without the base, she just needs a little support from behind.





Astraea has a quite buxom body, she is probably the figure with the most impressive bosom in my collection, but she’s still within my so called “not bigger than her head, please” rule.
Im wondering if I can bend this rule enough to make the bath time Hinako figure fit into it XD

Astraea also offers a wasp waist, and a quite big butt for anime figure standards. Nevertheless calling her chubby would be incorrect since her abs appear very well trained. Other amenities of her are the lovely meaty thighs, the long blonde hair and the beautifully sculpted wings with the diffuse and soft shading. Astraea herself has a delicious pale skintone with subliminal shading.

The figure also has a nicely designed outfit as well, it is a mix of warrior and cheerleader clothes. The armor parts, the tight corsage and the playful skirt are a fitting combination overall. With her outfit, the buxom body and the sword shield combination, she looks like a Valkyrie. Astraea seems much more like a close combat warrior than her Angeloid friends Ikaros and Nymph.














As some of you maybe already expected, Im really satisfied about how this figure turned out, with 1/6 she’s is a figure of the larger kind and leaves a good impression like that.

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Hi there I like photography, collecting figures as well as watching entertaining anime shows.
Germany · Student ·