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Sat 2012/03/31 07:41 JST
I love anime and collecting anything anime related!
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Here's my room, full of oppai. Most posters are NSFW, so be forewarned. I also have a couple calendars which are of NSFW 3D woman. All in all you'll find my room is NSFW and if you like oppai you've come to the right place. :)

One of the reasons I haven't done a room post yet is I'm the type of person who is always changing. I'm constantly moving my posters around finding a good arrangement and replacing ones that don't fit. I think with the latest addition of my High School DxD posters I'm finally at the point where I can't do much more.

Unfortunately I still have 3x Haganai wall scrolls, 1x Maken-Ki wall scroll and 1x One Piece wall scroll which I can't fit in my room. It really bugs me that I don't have room for them so I'll more than likely end up changing and moving posters around eventually.


Just recently replaced my Haruhi wall scroll and my School Rumble wall scroll with my new Nami wall scroll and my new Fairy Tail wall scroll. In the middle of my anime section is a Triage X poster. While Oriha isn't necessarily a favourite character, the manga is good and the author is a favourite of mine so I had to get it. I like posters as you'll soon see. :)


Here's another view of my anime section. Dragon Age is too large so I toss them in the corner and my manga bookshelf is full so I have my Haruhi light novels and Full Metal Panic! light novels here as well. My favourite anime sets are Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/zero, and of course HOTD. :)


My favourite part of my room, my HOTD section. Been a fan since the first chapter of the manga and have never looked back. The Saeko poster with the green HOTD text is actually the same poster as the Triage X poster in the previous image. I got 2 so I could put both on my walls. You may also have noticed a duplicate above the chair. One is a wall scroll while the other is a Megami poster. Saeko is my favourite character in anime.


If you guessed that Satellizer was my second favourite anime character you earn a pat on the back. Here's the second favourite part of my room, which coincidentally is the same wall. No wall scrolls, but a good set of Freezing posters. Been following the Freezing manga for a while and Im Dal Young is my second favourite author. Satellizer is just so cute with her glasses and her personality is to die for. :)


A short, and dark, interlude from my walls with my bed. Full of pillows of characters/series I enjoy. Did the dark shot make the mood more romantic? :)


A full shot for this wall. Here you can see a few K-On posters as well as my favourite Rin poster. The Rin poster isn't really a poster as it is two photos from her character book. I have a couple more from Rin's character book scattered around the room. The TV is hooked up to my PC through HDMI so I play all my anime on my TV. Whether streaming through crunchyroll or MKV's.


Here's my figures, which I try to keep figures from the same series together. Unfortunately I need another cabinet so I have around 10 figures outside my room that I can't open. Worst of all is that includes 2 Satellizer figures that I really want to open. There's also some more K-On posters as well as Rin posters.


Here's a few Haganai posters with my Rosario+Vampire posters.


Here's my manga. The bookshelf is full so I need to build myself another shelf. The shelf is on a swivel and I have both sides full of manga. This is also where I hang my 3D woman. They're all British. Did you know Britain produces the best looking woman? :)



I usually buy two anime posters a year and one of them is always One Piece. This year I am overly satisfied with my One Piece calendar as it can be used for ever with the brown boarder provided. The image illustrations are amazing and it just looks so stunning. My Freezing calendar is actually a small disappointment as most images in the calendar are already on my wall in the form of posters. I guess I was expecting some new images.


Here is located the remaining Rin images from her photo book. The Maken-Ki poster doesn't really fit with the Rin theme, but I had no other spot for the Maken-Ki poster.


Last, but not least, my PC. A nice UBW desk mat to go with my Satellizer oppai mouse pad. Some nice Razer gear to go with Momo and Nana. I hope you've enjoyed this post. :)

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I love anime and collecting anything anime related!
Canada · Software Engineer ·