Massive Figure Sale: Nendos, Figmas, Scales!

Thu 2012/04/05 03:22 JST
Figure collector, Game developer.
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It's that time of the year again! Getting rid of the old stuff that I don't have room to display and make room for some new stuff! (Camera gear to be exact!)

Everything is for sale! All things have never been opened and are brand new. Non smoking environment and no pets!

I am willing to ship to anywhere in the world as long as you are willing to pay for it ahaha. (I live in Canada ATM) Contact me at synsationATgmailDOTcom and remember, buy more save more on shipping.

Black Rock Shooter SP Edition with DVD: $55
Strength: $OLD
Ritsu: $45
Mugi: $35
Black Rock Shooter 2035: $50

Alter TestPlugSuit Asuka: $90
Kotobukiya TestPlugSuit Asuka: $100
Alter Summer Rin: $60
Alter Summer Saber: $OLD
Swimsuit Kureha: $100
Swimsuit Seena: $150
Swimsuit Blanc Neige: $90
GSC Sengoku Nadeko: $120
Gym Bloomers Kyou: $90

Angel Beats Set 1: $55
Angel Beats Set 2: $55
Dead Master: $55
Black Rock Shooter SP Edition: $60
Strength: $55
Cheerful Japan BRS: $OLD
Canaan: $40
Makise Kurisu: $55
Kirino Kousaka: $55
Steins;Gate Cheerful Japan set: $90




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Figure collector, Game developer.
Hong Kong/Tokyo/Toronto · Game Designer ·