Massive Games Sale -Loads of different Formats-

Sun 2012/04/08 04:22 JST
Ive been collecting figures for a while now and have quite a few. I also love anime and manga, music, drawing, movies
Kent, England

I have decided to have a clear out I really need the space XD.

Every thing is UK PAL unless other wise stated
Every thing is in Like new to good condition unless other wise stated -most perfect-
Every thing has its manual unless other wise stated

Payment by Paypal as a GIFT! -please-
All items are in £GBP

Postage is not included in the price, All itmes posted from the UK

Any questions or want additionl photos please just ask

Prices are negotiable

post here or write to me at jemma_c99 @ hotmail . com



Astonishia Story £6
Breath of Fire 3 £6
Darkstalker Chronicles: Chaos Tower £5
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex £5
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 £5
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite £5 -minor marks on case-
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes £4 -the outer case of the back is skratched the disc its self is fine was like it when i aquired it-
Phantasy Star Portable £7
Phantasy Star Portable 2 £20
Street Fighter Alpha3 Max £5
Tekken Dark Resurrection £5
Valkyria Chronciles 2 £6 SOLD
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth £7




Dragonball Z Legacy of Goku GBA £8 -Box damaged- ON HOLD Vhal_x
Final Fantasy Legend GB £13 -Box damaged, No manual-
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA £7 -US release, Slight box damage-
Golden Sun GBA £8 -minor shelf ware to box-
Kindom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA £16 ON HOLD SuzuNyan
Pokemon Trading Card Game GBC £4 -No card-ON HOLD Vhal_x
Pokemon Puzzle Challange GBC £6 ON HOLD Vhal_x
Pokemon Blue Version GB £10 -No manual-ON HOLD Vhal_x
Pokemon Yellow Version GB £13 ON HOLD Vhal_x
Pokemon Pinball GBA £4 -No manual- ON HOLD Vhal_x
Sonic Advance GBA £5
Sonic Advance 2 GBA £5 -Slight Ware to box-
Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2 GBA £9
Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3 GBA £9
Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Advance 4 GBA £10
Zelda Oracle of Seasons GBA £25 -minor shelf ware- ON HOLD Vhal_x
Zelda Link to the Past + Four Swords GBA £6 ON HOLD Vhal_x
Zelda Minish Cap GBA £15 ON HOLD Vhal_x
Yu Gi Oh Worldwide Edition GBA £3 -No card-



Children of Mana £5 SOLD
Golden Sun Dark Dwwn £10 SOLD
Heroes of Mana £5 SOLD
Lost Magic £3 SOLD
magical starsign SOLD
Pokemon Link £5 ON HOLD Vhal_x
Rhythum Paradise £3
Scribblenauts £5
Sonic Rush £5 SOLD
Sonic Rush Adventure £5
Yoshi Touch and Go £5 SOLD



Metroid Prime £5
Metroid Prime £5
Capcom Vs SNK2 EO £5 -not sure if is a UK relase got an odd age rating but it is a PAL copy-



Falbe £2
Panzer Dragoon Orta £8
House of the Dead III £2




Bleach Shattard Blade £8
Case Closed One Truth Prevails £18
Disater Day of Chaos £4
Epic Mickey £4 SOLD
Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon £10
Kirby Epic Yarn £20
Naurto Clash of the Ninja Revolution Europe Edition 8
No More Heroes £3
One Peice Ultimate Cruise 1 £28
Okami £8 SOLD
Pangya Golf with Style £5
Sonic Colours £7
Super Mario All Stars 25th Anni. Edition £30 -sealed-
Tales of Sympthonia Dawn of the New World £40



Buzz Quiz Tv w/ wired Buzzers £20 -no box-
Atelier Rorona £35
Eternal Sonata £6 ON HOLD PhoebeHaiKarate
Heavenyl Sword £5
Money Island Special Edition Collection £12
Shoot £5
Trinity Universe £20 -Sealed-
Time Crisis Razing Storm £10
Valkyria Chronciles £10 SOLD




Afro Samurai £3
Battlefantasia £6
Battlefield Bad Company 2 £5
Bayonetta £5
Bioshock Steelbook Version £10 -perfect other than the most tinies skratch on the back hardly visable-
Bioshock 2 Special Edition £25
Sid Meier's Civilizations Revolution £13
Dead Space 2 £6
Dante's Inferno £4
Fairy Tale Fights £6
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock £3
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock £7
Guutar Hero 5 £7
Guitar Hero World Tour £3
Infinite Undiscovery £6
Last Remnant £5
Rock Band £4
Rock Band 2 £6





Bouncer £2
Drakengard £3
Drakengard 2 £3
Guilty Gear X2 £7
Gutaroo Man £6
Grandia II £4 SOLD
.Hack//Infection w/anime dvd
.Hack//Mutation w/anime dvd
.Hack//Outbreak w/anime dvd
.Hack//Quarantine w/anime dvd £80 for the set of 4
Jade Cacoon 2 £7 SOLD
Klonoa 2 Lunateas Veil £5 -disc markerd and a sticker on the disc and cover-
King of Fighters XI £8
King of Fighters Max. Impact 2 £10
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anni. £3
Magnacarta £18
Naruto Ultimate Ninaj £4
Orphen Scion of Sorcery £4
Onimusha 3 £4
Odin Sphere £10 -sealed-
Project Zero £5 SOLD
Persona 4 w/ost £13 -sealed- SOLD
Person 3 £10 SOLD
Rogue Galaxy £8
Shin Megami Tnesei Lucifers Call £7 SOLD
Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga £8
Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 Collectors Edition w/ost £13
Space Channel 4 £7
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy £2 -scratched-
Spectal vs Generation £3 -purple backed-
Sega Mega Drive Collection £3
Suikoden IV £10 -scratched-
Shadow Hearts -no mini guide-
Shadow Hearts Convenant -slightly scratched-
Shadow Hearts New World £55 for the set of 3
Star Ocean 3 Till the End of Time w/Bonus Disc £10
Unlimited Saga £5 SOLD
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria £5 -scratched-
Wild Arms 3 £5
Xenosaga Episode 2 £10



Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick £35 -All though out of the box I have never acutally used it XD Have the box though-
Kinect Sensor w/ Kinect Adventures £75 -prehaps used 2-3 times- boxed -NO PICTURE YET-

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Ive been collecting figures for a while now and have quite a few. I also love anime and manga, music, drawing, movies
Kent, England