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Sun 2012/04/08 05:10 JST
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Hi everyone, how have you been ?

It's been a while since my last post but everytime there's something good, I make sure to post about it.

A new anime browsergame that I've been working on for the past few months has been released. The name is Cute Hero and it is indeed very cute.

In this game, you and other players will play as a cute little chibi character, male or female is up to you. The environment is big and there are always new things to discover. As you travel from map to map, you will encounter different monsters that give different reward when defeated; different NPC that give new quest, different shopping areas that sell cooler equipment as well as different dungeons to explore. The user interface has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Even when it is a browsergame, you will find it easy to navigate and use all features of the game. If you feel like taking a break from leveling up, you can sit back and try customizing your character to your liking. We have made character appearance to be as customizable as possible. For instance, you can change your face, eye color, hair style, hair color, gears, weapon and so on. You are free to choose to dress up as a knight in shiny armor carrying a sword or a student in school uniform carrying a cellphone. And there are much more other things you can do.

Cute Hero is free to play. You can play the game by following THIS LINK. Please join us !

Here are a few screenshots of the game to interest you in playing it ^^.

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The main artwork of the game


The main artwork of the game


The map

The first map


In-game tutorial



Some nice graphics


What you can do with character customization !!!







COol stuff

Cool stuff you can buy in game

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