Nanoha: Peep Nuking 2012

Mon 2012/04/09 07:28 JST
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My family's not big on Easter, but when Nanoha saw some of the other online Easter festivities, I thought I'd share one of the more. . . irreverent traditions to sate her curiosity. We documented it to share with Agatha when she's no longer "indisposed" due to pending faceup change.


Nanoha: "Is this what you were talking about? 'Marshmallow Peeps'? They sure don't look like marshmallow. Or anything edible for that matter."

Yup, that's them! Perfect, we can start "celebrating" now.


Nanoha: "Please tell me we're not actually going to eat these nasty things."

Haha! Nope. While some people do eat them, we're not going to.


Nanoha: "If we're not going to eat them, then why bother putting them on a plate?"

That's to control the carnage.

Nanoha: "Should I be worried?"


Microwave: *Beep* *Whirr* *Countdown from 35*



Peeps: *Hiss as heated air seeps out*


TADA! Nuked Peep goo! *sniff* Mmm, smells like carmel and plastic.


Nanoha: "Just for the record, that looks absolutely disgusting."

Exactly! :D

Nanoha: "Uh-huh. I think I'm starting to see why you and Agatha get along so well."


Isn't this fun?

Nanoha: "Depends on your definition of 'fun'." *Prods with toothpick* "Ugh. They smell awful."

Peeps: *gloop glob*


Nanoha: "I can't believe people actually eat these things."

I know! Scary, isn't it?

Nanoha: "Now that, we can agree upon."

Happy Easter everybody!

Nanoha: ". . . .if you say so."

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Animation student soon to be unleashed upon the world.
Random Desert, US · Evil Animator ·