Spring cleaning the home office, です!

Mon 2012/04/09 22:58 JST
37yr male from Germany with a passion for Animé since.. uh... 1989 or so :)
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When I saw the incoming link from ApartmentTherapy, I was flattered that our office is presented there. This was the beginning of a long time surfing this website. This blog is awesome and I can highly recommend everyone who is interested in home offices to browse through it.

Maybe the most inspiring setup I’ve seen is this one.

However – by browsing their blog and sorting out stuff (creating the Hackintoshes, creating a Linux Fileserver from some ESXi spare parts etc), I noticed that this room got too messy. Seriously. For 2 weeks, PC parts have cluttered the carpet in the middle of the room and the racks didn’t look much better. I admit, I tend to be a bit chaotic. “Creative chaot” I was always called. Looking at all these awesome, clean and following the “less is more” principles photos increased the wish inside of me not only to clean up, but also to rethink what and especially how I use my stuff here.

So here is the result :) Some more photos (older ones of figures) can be found over on http://klein2.de/office!


The tour begins with a view from my desk to the right. You can see the world map and the clocks above, which are set to: San Francisco, New York, Moers (this is where we live), Hyderabad and Tokyo. Below this decorative elements, we’ve put our wireless printer/scanner combo device and a place for both MacBooks to get powered. The two IKEA lamps putting this area into a warm color when we are here in the evening. The black shadow is our cat Willow.


This wall has not changed much. There are still the three wallscrolls from Elfen Lied, K-On! and Oh! My goddess and some figures on the EXPEDITs below it. The content of these racks were completely re-sorted by my wife :)


A first look on our desks – my wifes desk is the one in front while mine is the one in the back. You will notice, that the cables are not tied very well. I admit, sorting cables is really something I’m not very good in. However, this position allows us to sit in the middle of the room in a “face to face” combination with enough sunlight, but not too much, thanks to the blinds. When we will switch to bigger screens (maybe 2x Thunderbolt 27″), we will see if this works with the glossy glass. By the way: This blue “H” on the wall is nothing more than the LED of my Hackintosh – I’ve no idea why it paints an “H”.










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37yr male from Germany with a passion for Animé since.. uh... 1989 or so :)
Moers, Germany · Linux-Admin/Dev · https://dieta.nu