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Tue 2012/04/10 00:16 JST
I may actually be a bunny rabbit.
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So lately, @duriel and I have been hiking around the awesomely maintained trails and parks of the city where we live, Austin, TX. I have loved watching birds and insects since I was the tiniest of Gabis, so these hikes are a real treat.

I also really really love to take photos outside. It is hard to drag a bunch of dolls along a trail with you, but I did successfully take my mini with me in a shoulder bag on our last hike! I need to get another shoulder bag just big enough for one of my full size DD girls. I don't have enough stamina to haul two dolls around for miles and miles, but I can manage one all right :3

Anyway, here are some photos I took of our visit to Bull Creek in March, and then the more recent photos I took yesterday of our hike in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We hiked almost six miles round trip! Which is really not that much, but it is a lot for me, as I am as athletic as Osaka XD.

It's a little funny hiking with a doll, as whenever we would stop to take photos, other hikers would go on by, especially the kids, and be all "WTF?" because I would be on my knees or my belly trying to get a good shot, and talking to the doll, and the camera, and also often the flowers and bugs XD.

It is a good thing Austin is a very chill city XD.


Gabriel, before she had her miraculous transformation, was a custom DDH-03 Yukino. Now she is a Mariko.

These are the photos from Bull Creek in March!



Everyone likes to get their feet wet.


Duriel is an Immortality of Soul Blood. He is still patiently waiting to get his first faceup.






Excellen is a custom DDH-02 Aoi on a Dynamite body.








This a pointed leafbug, I think. It was really cool to see it just hanging out on this leaf by the trail.


These are leaf galls. There are tiny insects growing inside them!


Jibreel is a Luts Kid Delf Darae. This is where the Barton Creek photos begin!


We saw so many kinds of butterflies on our hike that I couldn't even begin to identify them all. Most of them were small butterflies like skippers, which were difficult for me to photograph since they so rarely rest and area always fluttering around like they need aderol.

We did see plenty of swallowtails, sulphers, skippers, and Red Admirals though! We also saw lots of caterpillars out munching on leaves, ready to spin their own chrysalises!


We found a big field of Engleman Prickly Pears! They were all in bloom and all sorts of bees and butterflies were feeding at them. We even saw a black throated hummingbird feeding, but he was way too fast to photograph. He came very close to us though, and hovered around in the air. When I first saw him I thought he was a spider hawk! When you see something that size, it is either a really small bird, or a really big wasp XD


These are wild genetians, I think :) They were very beautiful. Jibreel particularly likes them because they are her favorite color: indigo.


I think these are wild day flowers. While she was lying like this, a tiny spider crawled onto her hand and I so wanted to take a photo of it, but I was answering a help call from a relative, so I missed that wonderful chance.


While we were photographing at this spot, @duriel and I were lucky enough to see a mating pair of Peregrine Falcons! They were chatting with one another in a tall tree over the creek. It was really amazing to see.

I think what Jibreel has got in her hand is a small fossilized snail shell. It was definitely stone, but definitely in a snail shell shape. There are small snails that live in the creek here. We left it behind for someone else to discover and look at ^^.






This was taken by a stagnant pool that is currently cut off from the main water exchange of the creek. Eventually this pool will dry up, but right now it's warm and shallow, meaning it's a great breeding ground for insects and frogs. There were about a billion flies here when I was crawling around taking my photos.




This is scarlet sage, I think. We saw many many more beautiful wildflowers on our hike, but if I had stopped to photograph them all, we would have never hiked six miles X3

It was still a wonderful trip though! We saw two kinds of lizards, squirrels, many types of birds and butterflies, and lots of interesting insects. We also saw a lot of people swimming in Barton Springs! XD Maybe next time we should all take our bathing suits?

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I may actually be a bunny rabbit.
a Burrow · Lv 7 Bunny Rabbit ·