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Tue 2012/04/10 13:47 JST
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EDIT: Thank you all for trying to label me as a bootlegger. It really warms my heart. I just posted photos of the translucent hair and the flat finish on the nendoroid's face. You can even clearly see the snowflake design through the translucent hair in the last image. If you need further proof that keeping it inside the box actually prevents light from coming in to clearly see the translucency you can check out these two wonderful photos from MFC that ARE NOT MINE and see the difference of what a photo of the nendoroid looks like inside and outside the box.

Clearly it looks almost like a bootleg doesn't it? Because of the poor lighting inside the box coupled with the fact that it's behind 2 layers of plastic. The plastic window and the inner bubble both reflect light giving the impression that it might not have that flat finish we all know is present on genuine nendoroids. Take a look at the left arm especially, it almost looks glossy but that is actually from the plastic bubble.

Now look at a picture of it take out of the box. Clearly now it shows the translucency and the flat finish since actual light can now reflect into the camera from more than just the direction through the box window. What a DIFFERENCE some light makes right?

In conclusion, yes I am mad that someone would jump to such a conclusion that I am selling a bootleg without even thinking through the circumstances of my original photo that was taken. I am not going to sit idly by and let anyone falsely accuse me of anything.

In all honesty, after calming down, I seriously am thinking I've been very well trolled. If not, shame on you naysayers.

As always I am in need of more space. If you have any questions/offers please send me an email at

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Farm grown, Home cooked.
Dinner Plate · Side Dish