Make sure you read eBay's new updated practice(s)/rules, everyone.

Wed 2012/04/11 03:52 JST
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I wanted to give a head's up to those of us who list/sell on eBay to make sure to read the new eBay regulations coming out in June; I, personally, will stop using eBay all together after my last 2 auctions end this weekend.

Some things to take note of:

- Buyers may file a case for so long as the option to open or file such a case is visible through the buyer's returns page which can be up to and past 45 days from the date of payment.
- The period of 7 days which the seller has to respond to the case will not apply.
- If we resolve a case in favor of the buyer, the amount eBay refunds to the buyer (and the amount seller must reimburse eBay) will depend on the terms and conditions of the managed return process. This amount could be higher than the amount of the refund originally due under the managed returns process had the seller issued the refund timely. The return shipping charges shall be as specified under the terms and conditions of the managed return process.

eBay's trying their new Beta model on the German servers and this is what people have been finding out (thread is here):

- Payment procedure: You relinquish your claim to request payment for the article from the buyer at eBAY. That means that the buyer does not owe the payment to you. They owe it to eBay. And eBAY is responsible for the payment settlement. Therefore Buyers pay eBAY and no longer make the payment directly to you (exceptions: Cash at direct pick-up, and c.o.d*).

- Disbursement periods for payment: eBAY disburses the payment to you in accordance with the prescribed time limit.

eBay's old way of transactions

bought -> payment received -> shipped

eBay's new way of transactions

bought -> shipped -> payment received


- if you sell something, the buyer pays ebay and not you directly
- you receive your payment only AFTER you've shipped it and marked it shipped on eBay

Ugh. Do not want.

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hey there stranger !
North Carolina, USA · student ·