Anime Boston '12 - the loot

Wed 2012/04/11 12:53 JST
Casual gamer & lazy cosplayer
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Utena dvd boxset
Adventure Revolution fanart
Mio & Ritsu festival figures
Ranma 1/2 manga
Rin, Saber Alter & Archer nendo petites (only one dealer had Alter and jacked up the price like woah)
Star Wars Empire bracelet - its metal.. and just hadda have because of reasons
Portal 2 sphere plush. Again, 'cause of reasons
Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales - a great anthology! Look at the preview and then go grab one for yourself

haven't done of these posts in a while.... Despite reality tryin to hold me down (long boring story, involves words like "fraud" and "paypal") - much loot was still acquired!

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Casual gamer & lazy cosplayer
· tsundere NEET ·