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Fri 2012/04/13 22:06 JST
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Hi everyone, Ive never thought of posting this here as I wasnt sure how It would be received but I ought to finally give in and try it out. I would like to introduce you to Project Holo which is a side project created by myself, my sister Kelsey and friend Wibi. In brief Project Holo is inspired by the famous anime scene in Durarara! And the U.S blockbuster film “Up In the Air” with the aim to create awareness of several historical landmarks around the world. It can also be said to be a Travel catalog for Holo.

During our holidays we covered countries in Both Asia and Europe however due to lack of time to put everything together and such; we’ve only recently finished uploading the first part which is Asia. The adventures still continues as we are going to be putting up our travels for Europe, so keep an eye on the website Fateful Encounters! I would like to thank those who have been supporting us from the start; I would also like to thank those who might like Project Holo after reading this post. It really means a lot to us.

Please Like us on Facebook if you support this project, I know I might be asking to much but It would be absolutely wonderful for us to know that what we are doing is being liken by people. We simply want to share and spread our adventures with all of you!
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Anyway Hope you enjoy Project Holo and thank you all for taking your time to read all this! :D


How it all started:
By taking into account:
1) a fragment of the story "Up in the Air" where George Clooney is seen visiting various Landmarks in order to take a picture of the cardboard cutout of his sister and fiancé
2) the famous scene from the anime "Durarara!" where you see Karisawa and Yumasaki carrying the lifesize cardboard cutout of Holo around town
3) The fact that I managed to get myself the exact replica of the Holo cutout on Yahoo Auction along with
4) In the story of Spice and Wolf, Holo wants also to travel to see how the world has changed while she has remained in one place for years.

We decided to Mix these elements together. What we came up with was to follow the Clooney's quest by taking pictures in front of Landmarks but this time with the presence of Holo thus becoming Project Holo. Being history enthusiasts the reason why we wanted to do this project was so that it can somehow create awareness of as many beautiful landmarks a country through its own culture has to offer us but also for the purpose of having fun and creating something memorable for the future.


Originally we were saving up for more than a year and planned a LONG holiday for the 3 months uni break we had during November to December, however when the idea of project holo came up around halfway through the year we decided to add It has a side thing to do. The Planning process for Holo took a while as we had to choose carefully the landmarks that we thought were significant as well as the access point, transportation, regulations etc. We dedicated a day for each of our stay in a country/location for project holo.


Holo on the Great wall of China

Holo on the Great Wall of China

known for being one of the seven wonders of the world



Holo at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Holo at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

which is one of the most sacred temples dedicated to the lake and water goddess Dewi Danu



Holo at the Merlion

Holo at The Merlion

the mythical creature which is the mascot of Singapore




Holo in Orchard Road

Holo in Orchard Road

known to be a shopping hub not only for Singapore but to the rest of the world!





Holo at The Fushimi Shrine

Holo at The Fushimi Shrine

known for its hundred of aligned torii gates donated by businesses



Holo at Kinkaku-ji

known for its beautiful Golden Pavilion



Holo at Todai-ji Temple

Holo at Todai-ji Temple

known to House the Great Buddha in the ancient capital of Nara



Holo at Nara park

Holo at Nara park

where we encounter Shika's known to be the messengers of God!




Holo in Ikebukuro

Holo in Ikebukuro

where Holo the cutout appeared in Durarara!!




Holo in Shibuya

Holo in Shibuya

the birthplace of many japanese fashion trends. It is also known for its intersection where thousands cross each day!



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Food Addict, Student, Blogger, Traveler. Creator of Fateful Encounters and most recently working on Project Holo.
Perth · Student ·