Traveling to Japan in 1 month! Advice?

Mon 2012/04/16 04:37 JST
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Oh, this was from this Spring of some blossoms in my City!

Hey Everyone!
So in literally one month from today I am heading off to Japan for about 22 days, first off in Kyoto and then in Tokyo. I really can't wait since a few days before I leave I also graduate from college and I am ready for a change of pace!
If there are any awesome places that are not typically known about in Kyoto/Tokyo that most people don't know about, like that hidden gem, please let me know as I would be interested in seeing them probably! Also, any nice restaurants that are pretty good but not like $30 for a meal haha.
Also any other kind of advice is nice for a traveler!
Oh, is it difficult to get a Shinkansen ticket?
Oh also, has anyone have advice about the Sakura Hostel in Asakusa? Good things or bad things to say about it?
Also, I'd love to meet people there as well! I have talked to some people but it's always to see someone in person and going somewhere like Akihabara enjoying common interest. That's one of the cool things about conventions over here in America meeting up with people and hanging out enjoying stuff at the cons.
It would be cool to meet up with anyone in Kyoto since I seem to find plenty of people who would like to meet in Tokyo. But if you like to do a meet up either or that's great!
My email is lewisoffortune@gmailDOTcom, or say something over at my blog
Anyways look forward to hearing some advice/from you guys!
Oh does anyone on here live in Virginia, U.S.A? Curious XD

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Model and Figure collector. Also photography!
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