Biscotti Nendoroid Help!

Mon 2012/04/16 23:43 JST
Your generic otaku residing in England

Afternoon guys,

Firstly ... The pic above was for the sake of having to put a pic up!

Secondly ... I recieved my Biscotti Nendoroid over the weekend and have only just got round to opening her up!

Upon first inspection I noticed that the collar around Harlan was loose and the head felt looser than it should have been, this I was willing to overlook as it was such a minor thing, and due to lack of space I did not plan to pose the two together at the moment. Now I dont know how many of you guys are like me, but I like to assemble different poses before I finally pick one for the main. . .

As I was putting Harlan back into its original pose to go back into the box temporarily her neck broke off ... the ball joint (not pin) is stuck in the head and the pin in the body.

Has any one any advice with how to go about getting a replacement pin or even fixing it? Or even encountered the same problem with their's?
This is the first nendoroid I've had any major problem with (aside from Ikaros and Nymph who are exactly stable =S )

Thanks for listening/looking =)

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Your generic otaku residing in England