Halloween Specials Countdown - Day 05

Mon 2009/10/26 20:12 JST
A little bit of refreshment for your mind!

(The Scenario - 149)
You notice there's a new student in class. You ask your friend who she is, but no one has a clue. She seems to have no friends and stays aloof throughout the day.
Something about her seems to draw you to her. So you decide to see where she goes after school. Following her you come to an empty old school building which is marked for demolition.
She climbs the stairs and since you're following her closely you try to stay as safe as possible. She goes in one of the classrooms.

After about 10 mins, you decide to go see what she's doing. You go near the door and peep in. You see its empty. You search all the classrooms on the floor.
All of them are empty. You wonder where she went. You go back to the first classroom again and see her now. You notice her eye is bleeding.
You also notice she's fading a little as the sun sets.

She tells you to go away.

What do you say? What do you do?

Image from Moe.Imouto

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A little bit of refreshment for your mind!